Team Fortress 2 gambling has a few variations. It’s the same as real life, where slot machines differ from Russian roulette and Black Jack. Usually, all types of Team Fortress 2 Gambling involve the player putting forward an item that they may or may not lose in the hope that they will earn a profit or double their money. In this article, you will be able to learn all there is about TF2 SpyCrab gambling.

This includes answers to questions like what is SpyCrabbing, what are the best TF2 SpyCrabbing servers, and tips on how to SpyCrab.

tf2 spycrab gambling

What is SpyCrabbing

SpyCrabbing is the most popular form of gambling in TF2. Two or more players put forward an item (all the items must be around the same price) that they then taunt with the disguise kit to play. Unlike most esports betting markets, SpyCrabbing deals solely with players’ inventory.

SpyCrabbing was super popular mainly because it gave the players a chance to double their inventory instantly, and both players had an equal and higher chance of winning. In SpyCrabbing, a middleman or server admin basically watches over a spy crab, and this is to create a safe gambling environment. He acts as a referee during the spycrab and before the start of the game. When both players have selected the items and rules they wish to use, it is then passed to the referee to monitor the game.

In TF2 SpyCrab Gambling, two or more users use the disguise kit to taunt, and this is done simultaneously. If you spot your opponent doing the spycrab posture, it counts as one crab, and you keep going until one person reaches three crabs. The first person to three crabs is often declared the loser (depending on the rules stated at the beginning of the game), and the opponent takes all the loser’s stuff.

If both of you taunt a SpyCrab at the same time and the sum of both your SpyCrabs is three, then you must taunt again until one gets a spycrab and loses.

It is important to note that in TF2 SpyCrab gambling, you are not just gambling virtual TF2 items as most people think. This is not true anymore, as we are talking about real-life money. Items won in SpyCrabbing are stored in a backpack, and this backpack, or inventory, as people call it, can be sold off for real-life money. An average SpyCrab backpack can sell for 500 to 2000 dollars easily, while seasoned veterans can sell their backpacks for about 10000 dollars.

Like most TF2 betting sites, more and more SpyCrab gambling servers now have a crypto option supporting Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Team Fortress 2 SpyCrabbing Trade Servers

There are numerous TF2 gambling sites but only a few dedicated trade servers for SpyCrabbing. Some of the best TF2 trade servers include Pyro Protect me trade servers, Mann Co. trading, and TF2 trader.

Tips for SpyCrabbing

There are a number of tips for SpyCrab gambling. Here are some of the most essential tips to help you bet on Team Fortress 2 successfully

  • Know your opponent. You need to know who you are playing against, at least semi-well. Check their match history on other servers and know their tells.
  • Make clear and concise rules. At the beginning of the game, both players will draw up the rules by which the game will abide. It is vital that all the rules are clear and easy to follow. Avoid using phrases and use complete sentences when drawing up rules
  • Check your opponent’s inventory. It would be best if you made sure the player has the item they are SpyCrabbing before you SpyCrab them. You can do this by visiting their profile page and looking into their inventory.
  • Get the Middleman involved. Never spycrab without a middleman/witness to act as a referee. Most times, it’s the server admin.
  • SpyCrab what you can afford. Spycrabbing could be very profitable and, at the same time, very costly. It is important to only trade with what you can afford to lose.


Though Spycrabbing has dropped in popularity in recent years, it remains one of the important pillars of TF2 gambling.

SpyCrabbing is just one of those unique features of TF2 that makes it so iconic and memorable. To join in on the fun, find a running server and start trading. For new players, I recommend starting small, using 1-2 keys at most until you get the hang of it.