When it comes to virtual horseracing games with an NFT-backed edge, both DeRace and Zed Run stand out from the crowd. They’re top-tier products that boast high production values, intuitive and innovative features, and completely contrasting graphics. With this guide in hand, learn which of the two takes the top spot over the other in the debate between DeRace vs Zed Run. They’re similar products, but which of them can be considered the best?

Or, are they so dissimilar in how they operate as NFT games that they’re not even ripe for comparison?

What is DeRace, And How Does it Work?

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DeRace is one of the leading crypto games out there, focused on horseracing and build on a foundation supported by its own native token, DeRace Coin. It’s an Ethereum-backed NFT game that was released in July 2021 and has become considerably popular since. It offers up a relatively authentic horseracing experience built around a multi-perspective approach – players can assume the role of a bookmaker, a trainer, an owner, or just a horseracing bettor.

As you can probably imagine, much of the functionality in DeRace is based on horseracing – tokens are mostly earned by gambling on horse races. There’s an effective, instant marketplace where players can buy, trade, and sell horses that serve as the NFTs for DeRace, and everything is built to work quite well. It’s not as flashy as Zed Run when it comes to the DeRace vs Zed Run debate, but it still is quite pleasing to the eye and enjoyable overall.

Because of its focus on realism and its connection to actual horseracing, analysts have suggested it’ll become a frontrunner in the crypto games community.

But What About Zed Run?

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Zed Run is something else entirely, still focused on horseracing but from a futuristic, cyber-like perspective. There isn’t a focus on realism with Zed Run, but instead, the developers have leant more on eye-popping graphics, building geometric horse NFTs that shimmer, glow, and instantly attract a user to them. In Zed Run, users can buy, breed, and trade racehorses, using the horses that they do own to run in Tron-style races.

Zed Run is also connected to Decentraland, the metaverse environment, and players can visit Zed Run’s HQ in the game. It’s probably one of the best crypto games for beginners as it’s very attractive to look at but doesn’t run very deep when it comes to functionality. By contrast (in the DeRace vs Zed Run debate), DeRace is a little more complex overall, but that doesn’t mean that Zed Run isn’t an entertaining game.

Built on the Polygon network and boasting gorgeous NFTs, Zed Run certainly is a top-tier competitor for DeRace to overcome.

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So, DeRace vs Zed Run?

It’s fair to compare the two, even if they do things very differently. If you’re an honest horseracing fan and you’d prefer a more realistic experience, then consider DeRace with its NFT hippodromes, rental system, and its presence as one of the leading play-to-earn games. However, if you’re after something with a little more zing to it in the graphics department, or you want to detach from reality and enter the metaverse fully, then Zed Run is the horseracing NFT game for you.