DeRace is a virtual NFT horse racing universe powered by DERC and built on blockchain architecture. If you enjoy gambling, non-fungible tokens, and moonshot tokens, DeRace is the place for you. DeRace is a system that simulates real-life horse racing and offers the best horse racing experience to players. This DeRace review will provide a comprehensive overview of this crypto game.

What is DeRace?

DeRace is the first blockchain-based racehorse platform that is completely decentralised. It is a comprehensive NFT horseracing ecosystem in which users can race horses, breed NFT horses with upgraded traits, build their own NFT, gamble on horses, and earn money while doing so. DeRace has arisen as a mash-up of three notable multi-billion-dollar markets: video gaming, gambling, and horse racing.

DeRace Review

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DeRace gives users control over their hippodromes as well as interaction with their DNA-enriched NFT horses. The NFT horses have distinct features like look, cool-down time, stamina, and speed. DeRace’s blockchain technology allows for transparent horse racing results, making the platform safe and accurate. DeRace also claims to be verifiable and focused on the community.

The DeRace Token: DERC

As a crypto game, DeRace features its own native currency, DeRace Coin (DERC), which is used to conduct all transactions on the site, including entrance fees, awards, NFT sales, and user rewards. The Ethereum blockchain secures DERC, which is an ERC-20 token. On July 26th, 2021, the project released its first IDO on DAO Maker.

Users of DeRace can earn DERC tokens, which can be exchanged on a variety of platforms. Users can acquire this token by racing horses, breeding NFT horses, or staging races at their NFT hippodrome.

DeRace Gameplay

No DeRace review can be complete without taking a look at gameplay. DeRace is a horse racing simulator that provides players with a realistic horse racing experience. DeRace’s gameplay is designed to be both challenging and simple. The player can take on the role of a horse owner, a bookmaker, or a gambler. The player can engage in a variety of activities, including aggressive and passive games. The player’s profit would be determined by their participation.

Different aspects of the same industry are represented on the platform. It’s not just about the horses. Horse owners can own, breed, and trade horses, as well as compete in horse races. Hippodromes are individuals that organise races and compete against one another in order to attract more players and bettors. Bettors can place wagers on the horses of their choice.

Derace Review

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Features of DeRace

Multiple game zones and components make up this platform that supports video gaming, gambling, and horse racing. Let’s have a look at what’s underlying this virtual game with a project dive:

  • DeRace horses are remarkably similar to real horses, yet they have distinguishing traits that determine their value. They are classified according to their performance, rarity, cool-down time, and price. Sex, colour, shape, breed, breeding, and cool-down time are all observable characteristics of NFT horses. Speed and stamina are two of the hidden characteristics.
  • The DeRace platform’s primary function is horse racing. It allows users to profit from their horses’ participation in the race. A certain number of horses compete in each race. The horse’s owner can enter the hippodrome race by paying a set amount of money. The winning horse receives all of the entry fees as well as a percentage of the bettor’s stake.

Horse NFTs

Different horses are created using NFT technology, and these horses are kept as NFT tokens. The horses are available for purchase on the NFT marketplace. Alternatively, they can be formed by breeding. By increasing their engagement and activity on the platform, the user can always raise the horse’s level of talents.

DeRace allows you to construct your own horses by breeding them. A third NFT token is created when two NFT tokens are merged. To make or breed a new horse, the user must choose a male horse and a female horse with a breeding cooldown of 0.

Through an Ethereum smart contract, both NFT horse tokens are given to GA (Genetic Algorithm). The Genetic Algorithm creates a third NFT horse by merging the genes of the parents with a +- 5% variation (using the RNG factor). This new horse, as well as its parents, are returned to the player’s wallet through a smart contract. Horse breeding is another way for users to make a profit.

This DeRace review found that horse racing is organised using RNG technology. The chance of winning is completely random. The horse’s speed and stamina may influence his or her chances of victory, but they never determine the outcome. The players can select their races from the “upcoming races” list.DeRace coins are promptly transferred to the winner’s account.

DeRace Hippodromes

The Hippodrome hosts all of the races. 10,000 NFT tokens are contained in one hippodrome. The user can own a portion of the hippodrome, and anyone who owns more than half of the hippodrome has the authority to run races. Bookmakers are the people in charge of the Hippodrome race. The bookies select how and when the races will be held.

DeRace Review

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Hippodromes use levelling systems that are based on the number of races and overall activity. Following the winning, the horse owner, the bettor, and the bookmaker all receive their payouts automatically. The rewards are determined automatically and cannot be tampered with. Hippodrome owners can also play without being connected to the internet.

Virtual Horse Racing and Betting

Readers of this DeRace review will be glad to find out that players can either compete in the horse race or place a bet on the horse they believe will win in order to win money. A dashboard shows all of the future races, allowing players to filter which ones they want to participate in or bet on. Bettors can choose between betting on the winning horse, the top five horses, or the horses who finish the race.

The odds, coefficient, and payouts are all calculated automatically. Betting is a component that is based on an algorithm. Before each match, the coefficients will be reassessed and fixed. As soon as the match is finished, the payout will be deposited into the bettor’s account. DERC will be used to distribute it.

DeRace claims to have the ability to electrify the current market. It brings together three rapidly growing industries: video gaming, gambling, and horse racing. In the crypto industry, there is a lot of demand for gaming and gambling, which might be good for the DeRace platform. DeRace is expected to become the industry leader in horse racing and betting, according to crypto specialists.


Because of the growth in blockchain-based games and NFTs, this platform has the potential to develop. In the last six months, the decentralised market has seen inexorable expansion, and DeRace’s decentralised solutions ensure transparency, fairness, privacy, and security. The game is quickly becoming the next great thing in the gaming market, thanks to features like its cutting-edge technology, low-cost transactions, and a play-to-earn mechanism that were expanded upon in this DeRace review.