NA LCS Power Rankings

Published on: 21/02/2018

Week 5 is over – and we’ve witnessed some amazing set of matches in the League of Legends competitive world! Now, these 10 teams will enter a period of immense pressure as the top contenders fight it out for the top spot.

NA LCS | Recap of week 5

echo fox power ranking
1. Echo Fox, 9-1

Fox has been unexpectedly strong, while their line-up was much better than 2017, no one expected them to propel to first place. That said, they’ve certainly earned it, having only lost a single match. If they keep it up and not unexpectedly tilt, there is no doubt they’ll enter playoffs.

2. Cloud 9, 8-2

While C9 were tied for first place at the end of week four, they’ve fell behind to second place from their loss to fox. That said, they’re not far behind fox, with only a single game separating the two. Cloud 9 has a very strong shot to take out the split.

NA lcs power rankings
3/4. Clutch Gaming, 6-4

Clutch Gaming are currently tied with Team Liquid having won both their games last week. The two games in week 5 cements their position as one of the better mid-tier teams currently in the split, defeating FQ and TSM

3/4. Team Liquid, 6-4

While Team Liquid have been doing fairly well this split, they faced a shock loss against the Golden Guardians, the lowest ranking team. This clearly shows TL has some big inconsistencies since GGS has literally, lost to every team excluding the 100 Thieves.

5. 100 Thieves, 5-5

The Thieves are doing really well for a new organization considering this is their first appearance in the NA LCS. While they have lost to C9 and Fox, showing they aren’t quite yet a top team, their other wins shows they belong where they are, as a mid-tier team. They have a strong shot at making playoffs.

NA LCS power rankings lol esports
6/7. Fly Quest, 4-6

Fly Quest didn’t look too bad in the first few weeks of the NA LCS, however, they’ve dropped off recently. This is partly due to other teams improving, while FQ doesn’t seem to be making any changes. If Fly Quest keeps this up, they’ll likely drop further down the ladder.

6/7. Team SoloMid, 4-6

While TSM did show signs of improvement in week 4, they lost both their matches in the following week. As of now, they are ranked towards the mid-bottom tier, a drastic drop compared to previous seasons. It’s likely TSM will seek outside help if they want to make playoffs.

NA LCS Team Stats
8. Counter Logic Gaming, 3-7

CLG has lost both their games once again, placing them far behind as they enter the bottom tier. As of now, Counter Logic Gaming are on a four-game losing streak and don’t show any signs of bouncing back. If they continue playing on tilt, the team won’t qualify for playoffs at this rate.

9. OpTiC Gaming, 3-7

Out of their three wins, two were gained in week four and five. This shows they are improving, albeit slightly as they continue to be subdued by other mid-tier teams. At this rate, OPT may climb to eight of even seventh place.

10. Golden Guardians, 2-8

While the Golden Guardians are the bottom ranked team, with only two wins, they may not be too bad. Their two wins were against TL and 100T, two that rank amongst the upper portion of the league. If they were slightly more consistent, there is no way GGS would rank at the bottom.


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