Activision Expands the MFAM Gauntlet Call of Duty Warzone Series

Call of Duty Warzone is the latest Battle Royale to capture the public’s attention. The game combines the intricate gameplay of Call of Duty with the Battle Royale format, for a bigger experience that has been pretty popular since the release. The game’s Esports scene is getting bigger too. Activision have partnered with NICKMERCS to create the MFAM Gauntlet Call of Duty Warzone Series. They will be expanding and promoting the event to give Warzone one of its biggest competitive events yet.

Warzone has achieved great popularity in its short time. It even has some players asking if Warzone is better than Fortnite. The game features a bigger map than most Battle Royales, and extra players. Gameplay is different to others too. It is mainly centred around getting the cash to purchase a drop of a pre-built loadout. This is in stark contrast to the pure RNG search for the weapons you need style of Fortnite and PUBG. Call of Duty Warzone is an emerging game, and this new Esports tournament will help to make it a bigger part of the competitive scene.

Activision Expands the MFAM Gauntlet Call of Duty Warzone Series

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MFAM Gauntlet Call of Duty Warzone Series

The MFAM Call of Duty Warzone Series is a tournament series for the popular battle Royale game. The event was founded by NickMercs, who also hosts it. The tournament has been running for a little while. In this time, it has made a name as one of the biggest Warzone events out there. Activision’s involvement shows that the tournament is only going to grow from this point on.

Activision are joining in on the tournament. They’re going to double the prize pool for the MFAM Gauntlet. It now stands at $100,000 which is twice the amount that was given away in June. The tournament is going through some changes too. It will now be a four-week long event. There will be qualifier and a final each week. Previously, the event took place in a once a month format. A pre-show broadcast will also be taking place on Twitch.  Previously, the tournament was a pretty plain affair.


The event is definitely getting a big bigger and more professional. NickMercs will be rising awareness and donations for the Call of Duty Endowment charity during the MFAM Gauntlet Call of Duty Warzone Series.. This helps Activison both boost the Warzone Esports scene, and a do a little good with their involvement.

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The expansion of the MFAM Gauntlet Call of Duty Warzone Series is a big boost to the Warzone Esports scene. But, does Warzone Esports actually have a future?

The game definitely has more legs than previous attempts at a Call of Duty Royale. However, with Call of Duty the short lifespan of each game always has to be taken into account. A new CoD is pumped out every single year. This naturally limits the potential for competitive scenes for each game. This time around might be different though.

Activision promised a new Call of Duty release at the same end of year slot. This one won’t be a full mainline game though. Instead, they’re pushing out a ‘side-game’ of sorts. This keeps Call of Duty annual, and importantly gets it on the new gen of consoles. However, it means the Modern Warfare Esports scene might have an extra year of life.

This is great news for Warzone Esports. With an extra year for pro players to dwell in the same title, more advanced play can develop. Professional players can also feel more assured that there is a future in becoming skilled at Warzone. The MFAM Gauntlet Call of Duty Warzone Series is a great addition to Warzone’s competitive scene. The game doesn’t look to be slowing down, so we can expect more big tournaments in the future.

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