Apex Mobile Solo is here to stay, but never on PC and Console

This week, Apex Mobile Solo mode is coming. The mobile version of the game looks set to get a Solo queue at last, and permanently this time. This will let players finally play on their own.

Apex Mobile Solos

Apex Legends Mobile Solo Mode Coming Soon 

Apex Legends Mobile is getting its Aftershow update. This includes a few new additions, but it has one important game mode introduced that’s worth highlighting. Solos are coming back. This time, it’s going to be permanent. At least for the duration of Aftershow it looks like Apex Mobile Solo is going to be hitting the game, and staying there.

This is going to be fun for Mobile players. If they just want to jump in and grab a quick game, they don’t have to risk the open queue. No teammates to play with? you aren’t beholden to the whims of whoever you get matched with anymore. Players can play whenever, without a team.

Solo will never replace the core trios mode. However, it can be a fun distraction and a great way to play games more casually or work on some specific skills without having to put up with random fill. Even if its separate to the main way of playing through the Apex Mobile ranks.

The main concern with Apex Legends Mobile Solo mode though, is that it’s exclusive.

Solo not coming to other platforms

The Mobile version of Apex Legends is distinct. It has different features and gets different content sometimes. Usually, there aren’t exclusive game modes. However, a few have been locked out before. Prior to this, both Gun Game and Hack have been parts of Mobile. These two games weren’t added to the main game. At least at first. Gun Game was later introduced with some changes as Gun Run. However, Hack has stayed as a game mode that’s exclusive to the Mobile version of the game.

It looks like Solos will be joining Hack in staying a mobile exclusive for now. While the game mode has been offered from time to time, it isn’t permanent. Apex devs have previously elected to keep players in part of a group, enforcing the teamwork mechanics.

Why does Apex Mobile Solo work but not elsewhere?

Having Solos in Mobile does make some sense. The mobile version of the game is often played quicker and sometimes more casually. While there are competitive communities for Apex Legends Mobile, a lot of players use it for quicker more casual matches. A solo queue allows players to jump in without having to organize matches with teammates. It’s a feature which does suit a mobile version better.

In terms of Solo coming to PC, some Apex devs have been clear in the past. Evan Nikolich, an Apex design director, said that Solo mode doesn’t have a future in Apex. It’s designed around the team experience. The mobile version of the game has been pretty different. Although, it is difficult to say its experience is different enough to warrant a Solo mode if Apex isn’t designed for it. This update could mean that PC and console will eventually get solo queue too. However, for now it’s an Apex Legends mobile exclusive.

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