Most Memorable Hearthstone Esports Moments of 2021 – Our Top 5

It has been quite an exciting year for Hearthstone in 2021. While we all had frustrating moments due to some cards, when it comes to the competitive scene, there are quite a lot of memorable moments. Picking out from a bunch was actually quite a difficult choice, but we actually managed to narrow it down to a top 5 list that will definitely put a smile on your face for the end of the year!

Here’s our Top 5 most memorable Hearthstone moments of 2021.

most memorable hearthstone moments

It takes a single combo to make history

#5 Tempo Tickatus???

It should be no surprise that the list is starting off with a Warlock card, and it is the legendary one as well, Tickatus. While this card is definitely a nightmare to play against when it gets corrupted and mills 5 cards from your deck, Thijs actually had a different idea in his match against Leta all the way back in week 1 of Grandmasters 2021 Season 1.

Instead of corrupting him, Thijs already had a developed board and decided to tempo him out for a potential lethal in future turns. This was an incredibly risky play, as it could burn off some important pieces in his deck, and if it got removed, it was all over. However, it was a great call, and on turn 9 he won the game.

Check out the clip between 5:45 to 6:45 in the video below:

#4 None can stand against the Serpent Lords!

Ah yes, the wonderful Lady Anacondra combined with Celestial Alignment, what a pain to play against. While this is the expected combo, Gaby decided to tempo out Lady Anacondra without the Celestial Alignment and pop-off with Germination. This was by far the best play he could have made that game, as he was safe from removal since Casie on Demon Hunter had only 5 mana to play with next turn.

If Gaby waited for the Celestial Alignment, the chances are that he would just get glided (like many did by our #2 pick!). Glide was still used by Casie, but since Gaby already had the board, he actually drew cards that gave him lethal instead in the Grandmaster 2021 Season 2 Week 7 run.

Scroll over to 7:25 in the video!

#3 Rogue Identity Crisis

While Rogue was considered to be a tempo and a combo class back in the day, which it still kind of is today *cough* Garrote Rogue*. But there are times when getting a card from a different class mechanic creates the most fun and epic moments, like this one.

In Grandmasters 2021 Season 1 Week 7, Muzzy was on the brink of death against lnguagehackr who would win the next turn by playing his Alextrasza on Muzzy’s face. However, by getting an evocation, Muzzy filled his hand with random Mage spells. Since it kind of gave him garbage, discovering something with the Ruined Orb was his only hope.

The odds of him surviving were so low that even the casters could not figure out how he can get out of this sticky situation. Just before the rope burned out and finished his turn, Muzzy grabs a Yoink! from the Ruined Orb, plays it to discover a Priest hero power that he can play for 0 mana, heals himself, and survives with 1 health and wins the game as we see a very frustrated lnguagehackr on his cam.

Check out the clip between 7:45 to 8:50 in the video below:

#2 Glidetenmu!

Ok, this is a weird one, but it is definitely the biggest meme of the year when it comes to competitive Hearthstone. Alutenmu has grown quite popular in the community due to his incredible glide plays, and the decimation he has done to his opponents during the Grandmasters 2021 Season 2 is absolutely hilarious. In fact, it is so funny that the official Week 6 video features 5 glide plays!

The whole thing, its just so good…

#1 World Championship Decider

There is no better way to end the list other than the game that finished the year for competitive Hearthstone. In this game, both posesi and glory play a Demon Hunter, and the winner takes it all. Glory had a massive hand and a potential to take it all, with many cards traded and drawn, after each play, we could all see posesi getting stressed as each card is played.

However, after glory finished his turn without drawing a single card, posesi was quite relieved, and to make it a cherry on top, he draws an Il’gynoth and goes for a triple trade play only to draw the perfect lethal combo and finish off the year with the classic Demon Hunter OTK.

Finishing the year with the iconic deck that was present during the whole year is probably the best way to finish things off. While this deck has been nerfed multiple times, it somehow always came back, and while some really love watching it in action, it will leave the standard meta with the yearly rotation due to Il’gynoth and many other cards going into the wild mode.

The action goes between 8:38 to 10:45 for our Top Hearthstone moment of the 2021 season!

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