Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War League Return and Weapon Ban

Call of Duty League is the competitive side of one of the most iconic first-person shooters out there. While the game releases new titles at a rate that most esports would find completely unmanageable, the Call of Duty lEAGUE is dynamic and responds to new releases quickly.

A Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War League leek has come out this week which hints at the future for the esports side of the game. There is also a collaborative effort between players to remove a weapon from competitive play. This is everything you might have missed with competitive Call of Duty this week:

Call of Duty League 2021


When does the CoD League 2021 season start?

The Call of Duty League is now a fairly regular event in the game’s calendar, but its start and stop dates are up to a bit more speculation. Call of Duty League had to abandon in-person matches last time around, with online matches stepping up to replace them. It looks like playing online won’t be a deterrent to the Black Ops Cold War League kicking back off though.

According to a few players of the League, it is due to return in February This will be a fairly early return for the League, but one that allows fans to get back into the action quickly. Players have been commenting on the exact stretch of time they have left before the league starting back up, with Scump and other players specifying a month and a half remaining. This would put the opening in February, so you don’t long to wait if you’re looking for Call of Duty betting.

Cold War Ranked Mode Leak

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War has been out a little while now. The game has already been adopted by the Call of Duty League, although it lacks a true ranked mode active in the game at the moment. A ranked mode has made an appearance in most modern Call of Duty games developed by Treyarch, the developer behind the Black Ops series.

A notable leaker in the Call of Duty community has claimed League Play is coming to the game soon. This Black Ops cold War League leek says the mode is coming back to the game in Q1 of 2021, which goes from now up to the Spring. This mode will give more serious minded players a space to improve and work on their Call of Duty skills. Although, if they’re really looking to emulate the pros there is one weapon they might be better off avoiding.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Pros Ban Weapon

The Call of Duty league might be off-season for now, but pros have banded together to rail against a single irritating weapon. Ahead of the upcoming 2021 Season, the pro community has agreed to ban the AK-47 AR from use in the game.

This is a handshake agreement, with nothing to enforce it. However, the competitive Call of Duty players seem serious about this commitment. All players are going to be withholding the AK-47 in competitive matches. Developers might have put it into the game, but players have decided the world is a healthier place without it.

These kinds of agreements are a fun showing of solidarity and sportsmanship from the players, at least if everyone keeps to the agreement.

Call of Duty league is coming back soon, as is the chance for players to get a taste of competitive action with a ranked playlist. Banning full weapons is a weird move, but it shows a commitment to establishing a stable meta despite changing games. It is a good sign for a healthy balance and competitive spirit in the next season of call of Duty League.

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