CDL 2022 OpTic Major – Who will WIN the First Major?

The Call of Duty League 2022 season has gotten off to a strong start. The initial rounds of qualifiers have been fun, with the teams performing pretty differently now they’ve entirely moved over to Call of Duty Vanguard. The CDL 2022 Major 1 Qualifier shave just wrapped up this week, with the seeds fully decided for the first Major tournament for the season.

This is what’s happened over the weekends’ action, and what teams to look at for Call of Duty betting in the Major.

CDL Standings Pre-Major 1

ATL FaZe dominates the rankings

CDL 2022 Major 1 Qualifiers Recap

Atlanta FaZe had a very strong performance over the course of the week. They had two games, up against Minnesota and New York. They took both pretty easily but no one really expected them to lose there.

One of the stand out for more interesting results so far has been OpTic Texas. The “newly” formed team but has had strong results thus far. They had a weak first week but made some improvements in the second. Now that we’ve moved through to Week 3, OpTic Texas have pulled a bit more together. They won out against Toronto and Boston. While these aren’t the hardest opponents in the League, it is a great start.

OpTic Texas haven’t really been showing off performances that point towards them winning the Major. The odds aren’t really with them. However, if they can keep improving these performances like they have been then they might be able to build to something impressive this season.

CDL 2022 Major 1 Qualifiers Results

The CDL 2022 Major 1 Qualifiers are now fully wrapped up and there’s a few surprises in how it runs. Atlanta FaZe are taking the top seed after winning everything in their run. This is impressive, but most people probably expected them to do well in the first Major. One result that is more of a surprise is London Royale Ravens coming in second for the seed.

London haven’t really hit the same heights as Atlanta in the past, so their strong performances through Major 1 are going to be a big plus for fans. OpTic Texas and LA Thieves are two more teams with a decent run so far. These aren’t favourites to win the major, but they’ve had a strong start for the year.

CDL Major Final – What to Expect

CDL OPric Major 1 Bracket

CDL 2022 OpTic Major 1 Bracket

The first Major is going to be starting off pretty soon for Call of Duty. The Finals are seeing the top 8 teams start in the winners’ bracket, with another 4 coming in the losers’ bracket. It is hard to call a full winner for the Major before matches start off. However, Atlanta definitely looks stronger than most others heading in. Their match is up against Boston which shouldn’t be too challenging.

London Royal Ravens are another team that was worth looking at for esports betting here. They have to beat out LA Guerrillas first but their run so far points towards them managing it. Further down the bracket, there’s teams with a lower chance of moving through. Toronto against LA Thieves might be close, especially since Toronto haven’t quite had as strong of a performance this time.

The final game of the winners’ bracket is going to be Seattle against Texas. While Texas isn’t likely to win the whole major this time, if they can make a decent run then they’re definitely set up for a stronger season this time around. The team to beat for the Major is Atlanta FaZe. If you’re betting, then these will probably have the tightest odds. There’s a good chance of someone else pulling in early on though, so keep an eye out.