CDL 2022 Week 1 – What to Expect and Easymode Match Predictions

The Call of Duty League is just about to return for its third season. This is the premier event for competitive CoD, even with regular Warzone tournaments running. The League has already seen the Kickoff Classic take place, which has set the stage for which teams to watch going into the early weeks. This is the first time that Vanguard is going to be the game in use for the league, so things are looking interesting for the CDL 2022 week 1.

This is what we can expect from the early stages of the 2022 League and which teams are the stand outs to watch as their narrative develops for the year.

COD League 2022 Schedule

CDL Week 1 Schedule

CDL League Week 1

The first week of the CDL for 2022 is going to be the beginning of Major 1. The League is organized into 4 Majors before teams make it through to the finals. The CDL League 2022 Week 1 will be played online. The Group stage has teams compete in five matches each. Every team will go through to the Offline bracket stage for the Major final, after a controversial format change was reversed. However, these initial weeks still set the stage and the narrative for the rest of the major.

Taking home an early win at the first major is a great way for a team to establish themselves for the year. These initial matches are going to be best of 5 with the seed for the bracket at stake.

CDL 2022 Week 1 Matches & Predictions

 These are the initial matches that will make up the CDL 2022 Week 1: *Predicted winner is marked in bold

Friday 4th Feb

  • London Royal Ravens v Florida Mutineers
  • Boston Breach v LA Guerrillas
  • New York Subliners v Seattle Surge

Saturday 5th

  • Atlanta FaZe v Paris Legion
  • London Royal Ravens v OpTic Texas
  • Seattle Surge v Toronto Ultra

Sunday 6th

  • New York Subliners v LA Guerrillas
  • Paris Legion v Florida Mutineers
  • Atlanta FaZe v LA Thieves
  • Minnesota RØKKR v OpTic Texas

What to Watch for in Week 1

Those are all of the matches that are scheduled for the first week, but which are going to be the highlights? In terms of the narrative going into the first week for the League, things are all open. The Kickoff Classic saw some weird results and a bit of an upending of last season’s standings.

Toronto Ultra took home first place at the Kick-Off Classic, after a disappointing year in 2021. Atlanta FaZe, who were Champions in 2021, only placed within the 5-8 bracket. That was after losing to Seattle in the main bracket, and then to Toronto Ultra in the loser’s bracket. They have some easier matches for week 1, but Paris and LA Thieves might be looking to capitalise on their downturn.

Toronto only has one match in the first week, but a lot of eyes are going to be on them to follow up their performance in the Kickoff. Their final match of the Kickoff classic was up against Seattle Surge, they’re having a rematch this weekend. This is an early game, but as the two finalists this is already going to be a big one.

Those look to be some of the highlights for the CDL Week 1. However, with upsets already going on who can say which will end up being the more entertaining matches. If you’re looking at Call of Duty betting, then you could be in some surprises if the Kickoff Classic is anything to go by.

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