CDL Seattle Home Series Predictions and Pickems

The CDL Seattle Home Series is the final stage week ahead of the fifth major and ultimately the CDL Championship. The 2021 season has been a great development of the League thus far. The best Call of Duty players have been given great opportunities to shine in the weekly matches, and overall the league seems to be in a good place.

Before this week commences, we’ve already got the teams locked in fir the Championship and only seeding is now on the line for most. This is what you might have missed, and what’s coming for the Call of Duty League after this.

Seattle Surge Home Series

Minnesota Home Series Recap 

The Call of Duty league’s 2021 Season has finally picked the teams for the championship following this weekend’s matches. Florida Mutineer’s performance over the weekend has secured them the final spot in the Championship.

Their weekend began with a 3-1 win over Dallas, which they followed up with a 3-1 win against LA Gladiators. These were good performances overall, as this week has shown why they deserve that spot in the final. They’ve failed to impress too much in Majors so far this season, but the CDL Seattle Home Series and onwards could see them follow up this week’s performance.

Another major surprise over the weekend was Atlanta FaZe dropping a game to Chicago. While the match was close, most people expected them to take a win here. They’ve been far and away the best team of the season. If their performance is fading at the last minute, it could have big ramifications at the CDL Seattle Home Series and the Championship.

The last major surprise was New York losing out to London. They’ve had a pretty dire Stage 5 so far, failing to win a single match-up with 0 wins. This is pretty out of character for the team, but they could manage a better performance before the end of the Stage.

Our Minnesota Home Series predictions only earned 17 points in pick’ems, after these three favorites dropped their matches. It’s been one of our weakest Pick’em weekends to date.

CDL Seattle Home Series Preview

While the CDL might have found its Championship teams for the season, there’s still quite a bit to play before we get there. The Seattle Home Series is going to be finishing up the regular season matches of Stage 5 before moving through to the LAN event. This is the last chance for teams to set themselves up for the championship. With big hitters like FaZe flagging at the last hurdle, things could start to turn around in this last stage.

Looking at the teams that had surprise losses last week, they have an easier time in this batch. Atlanta should beat out New York if their performance in Stage 5 is anything to go by. Dallas should breeze through Seattle. However, their match-up with Toronto also looks interesting. If Dallas pulls this off, they’re entering the LAN on a better footing. However, Toronto is still likely to have the advantage if you’re looking at Call of Duty betting.

Elsewhere Chicago look set for an easy weekend too, going up against LA Thieves and London. Toronto’s other game of the weekend is going to be Florida, which again looks like a fairly close match-up. While this batch of games isn’t going to decide the Championship teams, there’s a lot at stake with seeding in these close games.

Our weekly pick’ems ended up as follows:

CDL Pickem S5W3

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I fully expect Dallas and Chicago delivering in full this upcoming weekend. Furthermore, London winning against New York was likely a fluke and we expect them going back to their losing ways once again. Overall, we are looking at mostly clean series with only the Friday games being heavily contested.

In terms of Call of Duty betting, odds are already available across most esports bookmakers.