FaZe are the CDL kings – Stage 4 Major Recap and Pickem Results

Atlanta FaZe performs as expected, and our pick’ems placed us in the top 10 predictions on the Global Leaderboard.  This is what’s happened at the Call of Duty League Stage 4 Major Finals, and how pickems have gone so far. We now only have one more event before the Championship at the end of the Season.

CDL Season Standings

Call of Duty League Stage 4 Major Finals Recap

This past weekend saw the conclusion of the Call of Duty League Stage 4 Major. The teams made the move back to LAN for the event, and created some exciting developments. LAN matches were more stable in terms of quality and have an air of greater importance. The top teams over online weren’t always going to be top online.

The Stage 4 Major ended with Atlanta FaZe eventually taking home the first place and the title at the Major. This, along with the rest of their performance, puts them firmly in the no 1 seed for the championship. This isn’t the biggest surprise though; they’ve dominated the entire Season. Winning out at this LAN confirms that their current dominance transfers just as well to LAN matches. The final eventually saw FaZe win in the ninth match with a 6-4 victory. While Empire did put up a bit of a fight, FaZe outlasted them by quite a bit towards the end of the match. It wasn’t a wipeout, but FaZe is clearly head and shoulders above the rest, even in an off-game like this.

Dallas themselves might have lost out in the final, but they put in some good performances in the overall bracket. FaZe’s push through to the final was to be expected, but Dallas definitely had some skill to make it this far too. Toronto Ultra had a relatively good performance over the course of the tournament but got ultimately beaten in the loser’s bracket final. This match was a re-run of their earlier game against Dallas, both were close but the second time around Dallas came out ahead.

Dallas also managed top pull-off wins against Chicago and New York over the losers bracket. These aren’t as surprising, but they still qualify as upsets given how close they could have been. Chicago has plenty of reasons to be disappointed with their results over the course of the CoD League finals, but they’ve had a strong enough Season outside of this.

CDL Stage 4 Pick’ems Results

Pickems are a great feature for the Call of Duty league. Letting fans plot out their predictions for each week’s events is a great way to practice your analytical skills. Having the ability to call games gets you points, which gives you some bragging rights and maybe a reward. It is also a great practice run for your betting predictions once you are adequately trained.

If you’re interested in Call of Duty betting, this is your way of saying you can call the winners! Our pickems fared pretty well this Major. Of course, relatively few people probably failed to get FaZe’s end result right. The major fallback we had was Dallas and New York. We predicted that Dallas would fail to beat New York before facing Toronto in the loser’s final. This was off by just a hair, with Dallas pushing on through to the final. Strangely though, the score prediction for that finals was bang on, just without the right teams.

Overall, we end this stage with 100 total points which puts us in Top 10 on the global leaderboard in terms of total points accrued in Stage 4. Only five players ranked higher then us.

CDL Pickem Stage 4

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The Call of Duty League can be pretty hard to predict at times, or at least when you’re not talking about Atlanta FaZe. Be sure to keep up to date with the latest Call of Duty news to get an advantage if you’re looking at esports betting.

We will be back next week with our Stage 5 rundown and match predictions.