Call of Duty League Stage 4 – Everything you Need to Know

Call of Duty League Stage 4 now has a full schedule for the Home Series in Chicago, Florida and Los Angeles. Once again teams are pitted against each other before they all come together for a $500,000 LAN major. Teams are approaching the second half of the CoD 2021 Season, so this event is one of the last chances for a team to make a major impact.

This year’s Call of Duty League has been rerunning in five different stages. Essentially, they amount to separate tournaments. Players are divided into two groups, then they progress through three weeks of League matches. At the end of this, they face each other in a double-elimination tournament.

This is how Call of Duty League Stage 4 is going to work and what’s at stake here.

LA Thieves

Call of Duty League Stage 4 Groups

This portion of the 2021 Call of Duty League is going to see teams go up against each other, beginning in groups. The two finalists from the last major have been placed into different groups, to keep the spread of teams a bit more even. The major finalists were Atlanta FaZe and New York Subliners. Our own predictions before the third Major had Atlanta Faze as the winner but the bracket leading up to the final turnout out differently.

The Stage 4 Groups are fairly well distributed as far as rankings go. These are the two groups that will be playing in the first section of Stage 4:

Group A

  • Atlanta FaZe
  • Los Angeles Thieves
  • Minnesota RØKKR
  • OpTic Chicago
  • Paris Legion
  • Seattle Surge

Group B

  • Dallas Empire
  • Florida Mutineers
  • London Royal Ravens
  • Los Angeles Guerrillas
  • New York Subliners
  • Toronto Ultra

The opening stages of Group 4 are going to be taking place as home series events. This will see teams competing in regular League Season matches. It will kick off in Chicago, this is the schedule for the event:

  • Chicago OpTic Home Series – May 27-30
  • Florida Mutineers Home Series – June 3-6
  • LA Thieves Home Series – June 10-13
  • Major – June 17-20

Each of the Home Series events is going to be seeing some major teams go up against each other before coming together in the full LAN Major.

Call of Duty League returns to LAN for Stage 4 Major

After the Home Series events have been concluded, a bigger Major is going to be taking place over LAN. This is going to find the fourth stage winner for this year’s League. We will not know what makes up the bracket for a little while longer while the home series concludes. However, these upcoming matches are going to determine the standings and stories going into the last stage for the Call of Duty League Stage 4. The important news is that we finally get to see teams compete in a LAN environment. Power rankings and expectations may be thrown out of whack once teams settle back into offline play.

There is a high likelihood ATL FaZe, NY Subliners and Toronto Ultra continue their winnings ways in LAN, but there is a chance we see a sudden surge in performance from Dallas and Chicago at the next major.

What to Expect at the Call of Duty League Stage 4

We’re now a good way into this Season’s Call of Duty league. So, what can you expect from Stage 4 in terms of Call of Duty betting?

First up, we have to note the LA Thieves are now sporting a formidable roster heading in. With Kuavo, Drazah, Kenny and TJHaLy as the core lineup, we expect the LA squad to challenge for the top spot in both groups and the upcoming LAN Major.

Another team to look at are OpTic Chicago. In the last stage bracket, they powered the vast majority of the way through the loser’s round, only losing out to Toronto Ultra in the fifth round. OpTic is showing clear potential to take on the of the season with force. The same goes for Toronto Ultra, who pulled off a similar run of the loser’s bracket after losing in Round 4.

Finally, the top two teams from the last Stage are clearly teams to look at going into Stage 4. New York and Atlanta have both had great Seasons. Meeting in the final stage of the winners bracket and the grand finals, each took home a victory over the other. Atlanta FaZe was eventually victorious, but New York Subliners’s Winner’s final victory puts them in a good position too.

Our first round of predictions and CDL Pick’ems for the Chicago Home series are coming on the 27th.