CoD Mobile World Championship 2021 Details and Season 9 Roadmap

Call of Duty is just about to release its newest mainline instalment, Vanguard. Along with this, Warzone is going from strength to strength, but it is a different title that is grabbing attention today. Call of Duty might have multiple successful incarnations across home devices. However, Call of Duty Mobile has achieved a lot of success as a competitive mobile title by itself. Some details of the CoD Mobile World Championship Finals 2021 have just been unveiled, alongside a wider roadmap for CoD Mobile Season 9.

CODM Worlds Championship 2021

CoD Mobile World Championship Finals 2021

CoD Mobile has a big competitive scene, but it hasn’t always been able to get its tournaments together. At the centre of the competitive scene is the CoD Mobile World Championship, this is the final event that pits the top teams in the world against each other. However, it has struggled under the Covid pandemic’s impact on international travel. This is often a particularly strong problem for mobile games. The audience for them are divided between regions, which can make travel issues a lot more restrictive.

This year’s CoD Mobile World Championship Finals are going to be held online to deal with travel restrictions. To facilitate decent gameplay with online teams, the event is going to be divided into two regions. While this does make the global aspect of a World Championship suffer, the best international teams are still going to be in competition.

The event is going to increase from 16 teams up to two batches of 12, one for each region. All twelve teams are going to be competing for their title. Although, the time around is only for half of the world rather than the full world title.

The tournament is due to take place on December 4-5th in the west and 11-12th in the east. The CoD Mobile World Championship is going to have the same format in both regions. Things begin with a round-robin format of all 12 teams. The top four then move onto day two. Then, they play in a double-elimination bracket to find the winner.

This is how the teams competing are being decided:

Western Teams

  • Here teams from North American playoffs.
  • One team from North America Masters
  • Three teams from Europe playoffs.
  • One team from EU masters.

Eastern Finals

  • Four teams from the South Asia and Middle East playoffs.
  • Two teams from Japan playoffs.
  • Three teams from Garena finals.
  • Three teams from the China playoffs.

CoD Mobile Season 9 Roadmap

That’s the big tournament that’s coming up. However, the game has a lot going on soon other than the CoD Mobile World Championship. The game is going to be receiving new content as a gradual drip-feed rather than a full drop of all content at once. This is going to kick off with the Halloween event.  Followed by more general updates, like the inclusion of more Modern Warfare maps and new classes for the Battle Royale.

CoD Mobile has a healthy flow of material lines up to keep the game interesting for a while to come. While it isn’t the big attraction for Call of Duty betting like the League, CoD mobile has some of the tensest competitive action in the series. Even while the CoD Mobile World Championship is running a bit differently, it’s worth checking in for the final bracket to see how mobile CoD is going.

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