Cross-Realm Arena and Battlegrounds Coming to WoW Wotlk Classic

It has been a couple of months since Wrath of the Lich King Classic came out, and since Dragonflight has been getting some positive feedback, the game has been losing quite a lot of players.

Luckily, Blizzard is quickly stepping in with the perfect solution, which is to make the arena and battlegrounds cross-realm.


Image Credit | Felbite

Perfect time to come back to WotLK

If you are someone who has been spamming Dragonflight with nothing to do in the expansion, then coming back to WotLK right now might be the best thing you can do. The reason why is that the Joyous Journeys buff is making a comeback, which will help you get your character back to 80 before Ulduar releases along with the cross-realm PvP.

Unfortunately no cross-faction

While cross-realm has been around for quite a long time and adding it to WotLK classic makes sense, there will, unfortunately, be no cross-faction PvE or PvP…at least not yet. In our opinion, this is a good decision, as it will help maintain some integrity of the expansion.

Of course, we know that some changes are great, such as the addition of Heroic+ dungeons in the next patch, as it will probably help those who are not top DPS in phase 1 catch up with gear, as well as those who have not been playing during phase 1 that much. However, not many changes must be added to WotLK Classic at once, as it might drive away the community who came to re-experience one of the best expansions ever made.

Ulduar is coming soon

While there is currently no release date for Ulduar and everything else people can try out on the PTR, Blizzard has stated that it is releasing “very soon”. With that said, hop onto WotLK Classic, level up your alts or your first characters to 80, and take on the un-nerfed version of what most will agree is the best raid the game has ever seen.