Dr Disrespect Finally Responds to Deadrop vs. COD Plagiarism Drama

Dr Disrespect has had his ups and downs, but his latest saga gives even his past dramatics a run for their money. Dr Disrespect is moving into new areas. He’s producing his own game, which hopes to be a real competitor to major shooters. It seems not everyone is playing nice though. Fans first raised allegations of Deadrop Call of Duty plagiarism a little while ago, and the streamer has responded himself now.

Along with other criticisms of how Warzone is progressing, he’s accused them of he’s saying that they stole a character design from his game. He’s dug into the Call of Duty Devs. This is what’s happened.

Deadrop Call of Duty Plagiarism “drama”

Dr Disrespect’s new game is called Deadrop. While the NFT title had a lot of initial criticism, it still seems to be progressing. Some of his fans have found the game has a resemblance to new content for Call of Duty. The original allegations that a skin was stolen came a bit ago, but Dr Disrespect has only just reacted to the controversy. They specifically think a new Vanguard skin is a rip-off of a concept from Deadrop.

Dr Disrespect addressed the skin at the end of a stream over the weekend. He said that developers of Warzone were: “a bunch of slimy guys”.

Dr Disrespect has had a lot to say about Call of Duty of late. He’s been very critical of the game’s stagnant form, and how he sees future developments for the franchise going. He expects Warzone 2 to flop. That’s even outside of allegations of Deadrop Call of Duty plagiarism.

It’s hard to separate some of the criticism from Dr Disrespect developing what he seems to view as a full-on competitor for the being shooter franchise. One that charges hefty price tags for NFTs for all players hoping to get involved too. However, the skin is very similar.

Deadrop and Call of Duty

Deaddrop is a title coming from Dr Disrespect and a development team called Midnight Society. The game is a ‘vertical extraction shooter’. Its core gameplay is going to be competitive PVP. Dr Disrespect has already given it fairly direct comparisons to Call of Duty, and not exactly flattering ones.

Deadrop’s gameplay is close to something like Escape from Tarkov. However, the game has a crucial difference from that and titles like CoD. This game is going to include NFTs. In-game cosmetics are going to be making use of NFTs rather than just unlockable skins.

Did it Rip off Deadrop?

The resemblance between the Warzone skin and Deadrop’s concept is noticeable. It’s particularly jarring as the skin hit Vanguard too, which is a World War 2 game. It isn’t the first time Call of Duty plagiarism has hit their skins. Multiple concepts for Modern Warfare and Warzone operators were later found to have been plagiarised. In some cases, from a specific photoshoot done by the same actress they hired for motion capture for the operator.

The Dr Disrespect game has already received a lot of backlash already. It’s likely to receive more. NFTs in gaming aren’t always the popular additions, but Dr Disrespect seems to be going all-in on avoiding Call of Duty. The quality of the new game aside, the skin comparison is glaring. It’s unknown at the moment if the concept artist behind the original skin plans to peruse anything over the new skin in Call of Duty.