Eden Arena Malta Vibes Week 9 Predictions

We are almost at the the end of the summer long Eden Arena Malta Vibes experience. Week 9 is by far the most exciting edition of the tournament to date. In order to bring you closer to this event, we decided to breakdown everything from participants, groups and the story so far. To make things even better, we will hook you up with several predictions and likely outcomes.

Malta Vibes WEek 9 Groups

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Eden Arena Malta Vibes Week 9 Overview

On the first day, group A provided us with plenty of action. While facing an elimination series at ESL One Cologne 2020 Europe later today, MAD Lions looked for a chance to bounce back and play another event simultaneously. In Group A, they bested both GamerLegion and Apeks in order to claim that #1 spot in group A. Apeks ended up 2nd, after sending the Week 3 champions Illuminar packing.

GamerLegion are yet to find success at Malta Vibes. The last time they made it out of Groups was in Week 5.

Over the past eight weeks, this tournament has slowly garnered the attention of stronger and stronger teams in the CS:GO scene. Week 9 now features Dignitas, Spirit, mibr, Winstrike among the contestants as well. It is likely that the organizers are setting up the final week as the pinnacle of this competition with even more A-tier teams on the lineup.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First up, our predictions of Group Stage matches in the remaining three groups in Week 9.

Eden Arena Malta Vibes Cup 9 Predictions

The second day of this event will also provide us with plenty to bet on. As promised above, here you can find our tips for the upcoming opener games that are played in the following two days.

AGO vs Winstrike

There is no denying that AGO is a well-established franchise in the world of Counter-Strike. On the other hand, Winstrike had its ups and downs and they were finally able to form a roster after a long period of inactivity. However, things are not looking good for Winstrike. In their last 5, they were unable to come out with a single victory. On the other hand, AGO won three out of the last five they played.

Since this is a best of 1 match, the overall map veto should not be that hard to predict. We definitely will not see Inferno nor Overpass played. It is also unlikely that things will end up on Train. This leaves AGO with quite a few possibilities where they will have an edge.

We can see this match end up on either Vertigo or Dust 2. In both cases, this should be a clear win for the Polish side. At the moment, odds on AGO to win this match are decent and they are moving from 1.50 to 1.60.

Prediction: AGO to win


Truth be told, both of these teams are  unknowns. FATE is a Bulgarian-based roster that is not looking that good right now. In their last 5, FATE only won one match. However, it is important to mention that most of their matches had to be determined in a deciding map and that says a lot about competitiveness of this team. AGF, however, did not look bad either. In their last 5, they won 3. However, they faced off against easier opposition once compared to FATE.

Map pool is not favoring anyone and we believe that both teams will end up on a comfortable pick for themselves which only means one thing, this will be a hell of a match. It is also important to mention that FATE defeated AGF 4 times out of 5 they played against each other. Despite us leaning towards FATE in this match, we believe that a bet on the total numbers of round played is worth the money.

Prediction: Total rounds played, 26,5+

mibr vs HellRaisers

This match gives great odds for mibr considering their status in the CS:GO scene. At 1.42 its a clear bet to bet on mibr as outright winners at the event. True the Brazilians are having a horrible season and faced a swift elimination at ESL One Cologne, but they are also a whole tier ahead of most competitors at this event. We are likely seeing MIBR advance deep into the playoffs and the opener is just a stepping stone forward. Map pool comparisons and recent matches play little impact in this match up due to the level of competitors these two rosters face.

Prediction: mibr to win

ForZe vs Gambit Youngsters

Finally, we have a match-up between the Week 5 and Week 6 champions at Eden Arena Malta Vibes. This match-up has the best odds out of the whole set, but is also the hardest one to predict. These two teams are no strangers to each other as they meet in duels almost every 8 days. In a head to head record ForZe has a slight edge, yet the Gambit Youngsters have won most of their recent duels. Their last duel was only a few days ago at Eden Malta Vibes Week 8 and was as intense as ever.

This week, we expect ForZe to be stronger contender in what is set to be a very close duel once again.

Prediction: Total rounds played, 26,5+

If you decide to tie all four predictions in an accumulator, you will be looking at combined odds between 7 and 7.5 depending on the provider. A nice payout one might say for a four-fold. The interesting match-ups are coming into playoffs however. Especially if Dignitas, Spirit both come out of Group D.

You can follow all of the action daily at twitch.tv/edenesports

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