Ferrari to Launch Esports Competition in partnership with Hublot

iRacing esports titles regularly include specific competition or car brand names. Games like Assetto Corsa Competizione see real-world brands and models competing in its virtual races. Lamborghini was just one one of many that recently went into that business. Specific, dedicated esports competitive leagues aren’t new either. eNascar has had its own league for some time, Ford owns its own Ford esports team. Red Bull Racing has its own multidisciplinary esports team as well.

Now Ferrari is aiming to become an even bigger name in the esports world – by starting their own tournament series.

Ferrari Esports Series

© Ferrari Esports Series

Ferrari Hublot Esports Series

The new Ferrari Hublot esports series will feature the Assetto Corsa game and allow talented players to compete against each other. The event is aimed at talented amateurs, as Ferrari is looking for new talent to join their Ferrari Driver Academy. The best players of the game will be able to first compete against each other and finally against the actual pros in a later stage of the competition.

Virtual motor racing has all but stood in for cancelled real-world racing events, which a rather huge amount of success – the virtual events proved excessively popular and drew in pretty huge audiences. Even regular drivers took part in the virtual races – Ferrari Esports races Charles Leclerk especially proved himself to be a talented racer – and he too will be keeping an eye on the Ferrari Hublot Esports Series.

iRacing as a future career

Ferrari’s presence in esports is hardly recent, the event series was nevertheless somewhat unexpected. It was likely brought on by the huge increase in interest in iRacing in the face of the pandemic.

Those of you seeking to qualify for the Ferrari Esports competition, will have a chance to do so in September. There will be four weekly qualifying events. The top six from each qualifier will get to participate in the Ferrari Hublot Esports series. Finally, the top 12 of the 24 participants will compete in a series of three races in order to determine the best of the best in the competition.

Participants need to be over the age of 18 and can register themselves for the competition during the month of August – specifically, after the 7th of August. Participants in the event will have access to something else in addition to a chance to participate in the overall event – access to an in-game car.

A total of 24 player (including pros and esports personalities) will be called to compete against each other in the October-November competitive series.

The Ferrari 488 Evo is a special model that will be made available exclusively to competitors in Assetto Corsa. The winner of the event will, of course, also get the chance to join the FDA Hublot Esports team next year.

We are not sure yet if esports betting or fantasy play like the eNascar Fantasy DFS will be available for this event.

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