Best MultiVersus Skins – Top 10 MultiVersus Skins in 2023

MultiVersus is entirely free to play, and with that comes loads of skins. While this is a fighter, it has a big focus on cosmetics. It’s not just alternative colors for characters like Harley Quinn, instead, the best MultiVersus skins show off different versions of the characters.

Best MultiVersus Skins

While it can be subjective, the coolest MultiVersus skins really show off why having loads of cosmetics can be fun. In a game that crosses over so many different worlds, there’s great potential for the rarest MultiVersus skins. You can find cool looks like Lebron James in an outfit from a recent movie, or even Bugs Bunny outfits from fairly obscure older shorts!

Best MultiVersus Skins

The best MultiVersus skins are open to interpretation but these are some of the coolest ones we’ve had so far!

10. Jake the Starchild

Jake the Starchild Multiversus

This is a variant for Jake the Dog ripped out of a later episode of Adventure Time. It’s a fun deep cut for fans of the show. It’s also a unique design. It makes Jake look pretty different and this could blend well with loads of other skins.

9. Space Jam Skins

Space Jam Multiversus

These include picks for quite a few different characters. These are skins centered around the Space jam movies! There are variants for most of the Looney Tunes characters and even Lebron James. These skins not only include a look from a beloved 90s film, but it lets you coordinate with teammates. Multiple players can use the same series and match completely.

8. Uncle Shagworthy

Uncle Shagworthy

Shaggy from Scooby Doo has had loads of different designs over the years, but this one of the MultiVersus skins is a bit different. It’s based on Shaggy’s Uncle, Uncle Shagworth. A rich old man! It’s a weird take for one of the best MultiVersus skins to come from Shaggy’s obscure relatives. With the Shaggy moveset in MultiVersus being based around martial arts though, this old man character is a fun fit for the game!

7. First Fusion Garnet

Garnet MV Skin

This is a version of Garnet that pulls from a second-season Steven Universe episode. It’s actually based on the backstory of the character, with a different color scheme and altered design. It’s a fun way to change things up for Garnet.

6. One Million Superman

one million superman

The Man of Steel has loads of fun designs in MultiVersus, but One Million is kind of special. It’s based around a version of Superman who has semi-merged with the sun, becoming a highly overpowered and ageless superhero still living past the 80th century.

One Million Superman is pretty fun even if you don’t particularly care about the backstory. It’s got an entirely golden sheen to it! It’s almost like the looks you’d see in older games once you finish every objective, it’s like a solid good Superman. It looks like it’s one of the rarest MultiVersus skins especially if you want something flashy.

5. Brunhilde Bugs

Bugs best multiversus skin

One of Bugs Bunny’s most memorable antics is well, tricking those perusing him into thinking he’s an entirely different person. That’s where this one of the best MultiVersus skins comes in. It’s Brunhilde Bugs, from a 1957 cartoon of What’s Opera, Doc?

This skin has great attention to detail in Bug’s outfit and even with a pretty different appearance all of his animations still look great. It’s one of the best MultiVersus skins especially if you don’t take Bugs too seriously.

4. Samurai Batman

Best MultiVersus Skins

There are some cool retro Batman MultiVersus skins, but Samurai Batman is a really cool one pulled from the character’s more modern history! Straight out of 2018 Batman Ninja.

What’s especially cool about this skin is the level of detail in all of his movements. Batman is fluid in MultiVersus. The Samurai Batman skin has fun animations that took the unique armour of the character into account.

3. Pirate Tom and Jerry

Pirate Tom Jerry MV

One thing that comes up a lot in a lot of the best MultiVersus skins, is when they pull from a unique source. This Tom and Jerry outfit does that! It’s taken from a pilot for a potential Tom and Jerry TV series, Tom and Jerry tales. That later became a direct-to-video release so players might still recognise this if they’re die-hard fans.

Beyond coming from somewhere kind of weird, this skin is just fun. It puts the two into pirate outfits which just look adorable on these animals. Jerry especially in his tiny captain’s costume!

2. Cake the Cat

Cake the Cat

Cake the Cat isn’t the deepest cut from Adventure Time, but it’s one of the show’s most iconic episodes. This is a female version of Jake who was also a cat! Originally coming from an episode where everyone was gender-swapped, which was eventually revealed to all be part of a story written by the Ice King.

It’s one of the best MultiVersus skins from a fan-favourite part of Adventure Time. It also is unique enough that it’s basically an echo fighter for MultiVersus though. The character might have the same moves, but they look pretty different.

1. Animated Series Batman

Animated Series Batman

Getting MultiVersus Batman as a fighter was inevitable for a Warner Bros game, but so are loads of Batman variants! The potential here is nearly endless across the characters over 80-year history. Animated Series Batman might not be one of the rarest MultiVersus skins, but it’s one of the most popular variants they could bring for the character.

The Animated Series Batman skin uses the outfit made famous in the 90s Batman the Animated Series show. This was a whole new take on Batman that’s become the fondest version of the character for a lot of fans. Especially for introducing the world to Kevin Conroy’s take on the character. A lot of players will call this one of the best MultiVersus skins just for pulling in one of the best versions of the caped crusader.

Those are some brief picks for the best MultiVersus skins. There is more being added with every MultiVersus update though, keep an eye out as more skins come to make sure you don’t miss one of the next rarest MultiVersus variants.