Flatten the Competition as Iron Giant MultiVersus

The Iron Giant MultiVersus variant can’t exactly say “I am not a gun”! The character has loads of fun moves that can make him a great pick in the game.

Just like his Hero Superman, Iron Giant in MultiVersus is on the heavier side. The character is also huge, much bigger than most of the cast and towers over characters like Gizmo and Harley Quinn in MultiVersus. The character can be tricky to master given he has such a big hitbox for enemies to target.

Iron Giant MultiVersus

Iron Giant MultiVersus Guide

In MultiVersus, he has unique tools like flight and rage mode. Even with a huge hitbox and gentle heart, he can make a competent fighter. This is what you need to know about the MultiVersus Iron Giant toolkit and how you can improve your gameplay.

Iron Giant Tips and Tricks

If you’re looking for some key tips and tricks to make quicker improvements and make a start on performing better, these are some of the top tips and tricks to look at.

  • Bolts – Iron Giant can make bolts with his neutral special. These are key. Make them as often as you can, consume them. It always keeps him boosted.
  • Bolts Friends – This can heal allies as well as damage opponents.
  • Ally Recovery – Since you can use wall cling to become a platform, you can pull off riskier recoveries with Iron Giant. This won’t be useful for every character, but some with worse recovery options can get onto the stage using the wall cling.
  • Surge – The Ground Up special is much more powerful in Rage Mode and one of your best killing tools. You’ll need an opening to use it though, which you should have by the time you get Rage mode.
  • Flying – Be careful with flying, you can go right off the stage if you’re not paying enough attention.

Iron Giant MultiVersus Playstyle

The Iron Giant is big and that dominates how you play him. He can be difficult to master because of this. He’s far too easy for enemies to hit. Basically, you’re going to need to be okay with tanking some damage and not getting too worried. He has a high weight which makes him harder to ring out. That is going to give you some protection against enemies even when you’re so easy to hit.

The two main mechanics to use outside of Iron Giant MultiVersus combos are rage and bolts. The Rage Meter is covered below, but this is going to turn your specials into upgraded versions. With access to this, your options for kills get much wider. The other is bolts which you can generate to give buffs and a temporary shield.

Use the bolts as protection to keep yourself in control while you build the rage meter, although that will require taking damage too. The bolts can act as enough protection to prevent you from getting knocked out. Once the rage meter is filled, you can go in for the kill.

Iron Giant MultiVersus

Rage Mode

Rage Mode is the Iron Giant’s key mechanic. When he enters Rage Mode, he’ll get different attacks which can add to your output against enemies. To get into Rage mode you’ll need to take damage. This lets MultiVersus Iron Giant actually make a plus out of how venerable he is.

Watch for your Rage Mode. Try to time things in-game so you’re keeping your Rage Meter for the right moments. Take enough damage even if you’re winning the fight, turning on Rage Mode and being able to get a quicker knockout is worth taking a risk.

Unique Mechanics for Iron Giant

The Iron Giant MultiVersus kit has some unique mechanics and moment changes compared to the rest of the cast like Batman in MultiVersus.

Here are some of the unique aspects of Iron Giant in MultiVersus that might be good to keep in mind:

  • Jumping and Flying – Iron Giant MultiVersus doesn’t have a double jump. He flies instead when you hold the button. This will consume fuel though so keep it in mind.
  • Fuel – This will regenerate while you’re grounded or clinging to a wall.
  • Thorn Buff – You and your allies can get this buff that gives them grey health, enemies will take damage back when they hurt Thorn applied users.
  • Rage – His Rage Meter can fill to enter Rage mode. You’ll get grey health and be immune to knockback. This can be key.
  • Cling and Slide – Wall cling and slide can allow the iron Giant to become a platform for allies!

Iron Giant MultiVersus

Iron Giant MultiVersus Combos

Iron Giant MultiVersus Combos are a big part of how he plays. He has good potential for getting moves to chain into more full combos.

These are some basic Iron Giant combos:

  • Ground Attack Down – Ground Attack Up – Jump – Air Attack Side – Air Special Side
  • Jump – Air Attack Down – Air Attack Neutral – Air Attack Special Down (Can Knockout on high damage in the air)
  • Air Attack Down – Air Special Down – Ground Attack Up – Ground Attack Up – Ground Attack Side

If you need a visual tool, this is a decent video that runs through the Iron Giant MultiVersus combos and inputs.

That’s everything you need to know about Iron Giant MultiVersus. His kit has plenty of unique features and with his size difference, he’s a character like no other. It can take some time to get your head around how he works with mechanics exclusive to him and his huge size. If you put the time labbing though, you’ll find his moveset suits a risky and fun of playing.

While he can be tricky to master, keeping grinding and labbing and Iron Giant can become a pretty useful fighter. The Iron Giant is loads of fun, but this huge bucket of bolts is even fun for skins.

He’s had some cool variants, even if they’re not quite the best MultiVersus skins. If you can master his combos and trap an opponent dressed as a beach-going giant, that’s going to be worth the practise!

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