MetroVersus – New monthly MultiVersus LAN Series by Metro Esports

MultiVersus’ next big competitive event has been announced, the MetroVersus LAN circuit! This is going to be a regular event held for MultiVersus every month.


The event series has just been announced by Metro Esports. They’ll be kicking off in March with a prize pool of $1,000 in total. This will be an ongoing series running through till June. This is how it’s going to work and how fans can watch along.

MetroVersus LAN Circuit

The tournament series will be starting off in March and held monthly onwards. This is a LAN event, so it’s played in person. While MultiVersus has had quite a few early events, they haven’t gotten too many LANs. It’s mostly been online outside of odd tournaments like the EVO MultiVersus competition. This is going to be a fun addition to the roster with in-person fighting. It’ll be interesting to see how mainly playing on LAN affects character picks compared to a normal MultiVersus tier list.

The event is going to be held in Doylestown, on a monthly schedule. That’s before it moves to a full esports arena for the Grand Finals. These are the dates for the tournaments for the initial series of the circuit.

  • March 25
  • April 22
  • May 20
  • June 17 – Grand Finals

This is going to be a 1-V-1 event, not a 2-v-2. It’s individual fighters competing on their own to get the best results. This is probably going to mean some characters that focus on support don’t get much play, but others like MultiVersus Batman might be in heavier use.

MetroVersus Rules and Format

Ruleset MetroVersus

Since MultiVersus is a less established esports fighting game, the format can change around a bit. The MetroVersus LAN circuit is going to be using a fairly standard ruleset, but this is how it breaks down.

  • Stages – Batcave, Trophy’s Edge, Sky Arena Platforms, Tree Fort
    Match Length – 2 Lives – 7 Minute Timer

There’s going to be a total prize pool of $1,000 for the series, but the entry fees will also get added on so there’s potential for this to expand over time. It’s not the biggest, but you can definitely afford a fair few MultiVersus skins if you place well. The tournament is going to be broadcast live on Twitch too. You can it on the Metro Esports Twitch channel if you’re looking to tune in and see how competitive play is developing.

We are overjoyed our friend Shaon Berry remains at the forefront of new esports initiatives.