Will MultiVersus ever be on Nintendo Switch?

MultiVersus is one of the most exciting new fighting games. It has fun crossovers, great and varied characters, and MultiVersus updates drop non-stop.

Every other platform for this game has a version of it. It’s one of the top PlayStation fighting games, it’s on Xbox, and it’s even broken download records on Steam. For some reason though, it hasn’t materialized on Switch despite the popularity of platform fighters on the console. Why exactly is that and will MultiVersus be on Switch at any point in the future?

MultiVersus Nintendo Switch

Is MultiVersus Nintendo Switch Available?

MultiVersus isn’t on Switch right now. But, will MultiVersus ever get a Nintendo Switch release?

With its early access release, the game has been brought to all other platforms including every other console. However, Switch just isn’t included in this list. Similarly, MultiVersus has spotty regional evaluability too, it’s missing from entire continents of the world for no clear reason. Devs have even ruled out it being a rights issue.

It seems like MultiVersus Nintendo Switch could be down to stretched resources. The game not having the resources to launch on every platform. However, given the game’s success compared to the other top fighting games, it seems unlikely that it’s purely down to development time. There are some bigger reasons why the platform might be being avoided.

Why Isn’t MultiVersus on Switch Out Yet?

MultiVersus Nintendo Switch isn’t a thing, but why haven’t developers brought the game to the platform?  – There are two main reasons that could make it a less attractive offer. The first is performance and power.

  1. The Switch is underpowered. It can handle some amazing Switch fighting games. Although, often they’re tuned down. FighterZ runs at a lower FPS making DBFZ crossplay a bit weird. Other fighters have more lag and other problems. The performance problems on Switch might make online play awkward outside of ideal conditions. Something that even developers of Smash Bros, the first-party fighting franchise, have repeatedly acknowledged Along with that, the player base would likely be smaller.
  2. The Switch has a huge install base, at the third-best-selling console of all time. However, one of its all-time top-selling games s pretty much the inspiration for MultiVersus. That would naturally limit MultiVersus’s potential pool of players on the platform. Smash is the reason a lot of fighting game fans even have a Switch. If you’re wondering is MultiVersus on Switch, Smash’s huge success being big competition might be why it’s still missing.

Could MultiVersus Nintendo Switch Ever Come Out?

MultiVersus Nintendo Switch

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Performance is always going to be a factor. Most developers find ways around the problem by making a game that is a bit reduced in visual fidelity without sacrificing gameplay. MultiVersus crossplay might not be ideal, but matchmaking without it could keep the game fun. The Smash competition might be a factor, but MultiVersus is free and constantly updated. If anything, Smash might mean there are more Switch owners who like platform fighters than elsewhere. With Ultimate leaving active development, it’s a better time to launch a new fighter.

A MultiVersus Nintendo Switch edition could be a lot of fun. Let’s hope developers can figure something out eventually and bring the game to the Switch.

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