FNCS Season 5 Grand Finals – Favorites and Players to Watch

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 is due to wrap up next week, with the new Season launching alongside a solo-event. While this has been a longer than an average Season, the Fortnite Championship Series is only just working to its conclusion. The FNCS Season 5 Grand Finals are due to take place 13-14th March across all regions.

This event is the height of Fortnite’s competitive scene for the Season, determining the best players out there. The action is split up into quite a few regions, but the most notable players are concentrated into just a few. This is what’s going on, and which players to watch out for with Fortnite betting in mind, at the FNCS Season 5 Grand Finals.

FNCS Season 5 Grand Finals

The FNCS Season 5 Grand Finals are the culmination of the Season’s competitive events, this Season it is being held in the Trios format. Players are competing for a share of a $693,600 prize pool. This is how the event is going to take place:

  • Finals take place over two days.
  • Players compete in a closed lobby, over six matches.
  • Players receive points based on placement and eliminations, with a big bonus for grabbing a victory royale.
  • The second day has the same rules.
  • The players at the top of the points leaderboard at the end take home the top spots.

The FNCS Season 5 Grand Finals aren’t anything too surprising with the structure at the moment, Fortnite has a well-polished system for these events. The Grand Finals are typically the biggest event of the season, there’s some impressive action in previous seasons.

Season 5 of Fortnite hasn’t had the Mythic Weapons or other intrusive elements of some past Seasons. It currently has a dynamic loot pool too, so things are looking bright for this tournament.

Players to watch at the Grand Finals

The Grand Finals are spread over a few different regions, with a lot of players competing even in this final round. Which players are the ones to watch though? There are some standouts in each area, including some of the best 2021 Fortnite players.

In Europe, two trios of big name players really stand out.

K1nzell, Decyptos, and Wakie, along with Umplify, Matsoe, and Benjyfishy. However, a Trio of Flikk, Anas, and Th0masHD have made a big impression over the course of the qualifiers for the FNCS Season 5. While not as big of a name as Wakie or Benjy, this trio could pull off a surprise in the European stage. Also worth watching though is iDrop TaySon, and MrSavage, along with Hen JannisZ and Chapix.

Over in North America East, there are some clear standouts so far. Clix, Bugha, and Bizzle are a team that boasts some of the best players currently active. Gabe, tahi, and sprite also performed well in the heats and will be players to keep an eye on.

The FNCS Season 5 grand Finals are shaping up to be some of the most exciting yet, and the hype is helped by the event coming at the end of a Season rather than the mid-point. You can catch all the action over on Twitch.

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