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Fortnite Bugha Skin Released and Season 7 FNCS Begins

Fortnite’s second chapter seems to have gone fast, with Season 7 already moving towards its conclusion. There’s now an in-game timer to mark the next live event. However, Fortnite isn’t just sat waiting for time to pass. The game has just had a Fortnite Bugha skin added, alongside a fun competitive-based LTM. On top of this, the Season 7 FNCS is just about to kick off, bringing the competitive season 7 to a close too. This is everything you might have missed with Fortnite recently:

Fortnite Bugha Skin and LTM

Bugha’s Fortnite skin is the latest to be added into the game as part of the Fortnite Icons series. This series depicts actual people in Fortnite skins. Previous streamers like Loserfruit and Lazarbeam have been featured in this series. The Fortnite Bugha skin comes with a Zoey Trophy Black Bing, Bugha Blades Pickaxe, and a few different outfits for the player. The skin itself is one of the less exciting in the series, mainly just looking like a normal guy in relatively normal clothes. While the skin isn’t quite as exciting as aliens or some of the Fortnite Leaked skins, it will appeal to fans of the player.

As well as this skin, Epic is hosting a LTM and tournament for that mode to compete for free skin and a share of a cash prize. This game mode is a bit more intresting than most of the normal LTMs. Since it is a tournament for a competitive player skin, it makes sense that they’re using a more competitive game mode. Bugha’s Late Game is a LTM that essentially recreates the stacked late games of pro matches. These late games are what helped Bugha win the world cup. So, it is a good addition here. Players start in a small area with the storm already coming in, trios compete with random loadouts for the very end of the game.

FNCS Season 7 Next Week

The Fortnite Bugha skin has brought a fun limited mode, but the big event for this season is still the Fortnite Champion Series. This tournament is going to be kicking off very soon. It is the biggest contest for Fortnite players in each Season. Season 7’s FNCS is going to be running in the same format as the last season.

While usually there are big changes to the point and qualification system, Epic is keeping things pretty similar this time around. They’ve gotten to a stage where the FNCS process is pretty well-liked, and it’s good they’re sticking to it. This is how the format is going to work:

  • Players compete in trios, with points awarded for kills and placement.
  • The event behinds with a qualifier running July 30th – August 22nd.
  • Teams that get through this face a semi-final August 29th, followed by a finale on September 4-5th.
  • This a reboot round added in to give players another chance to qualifying.
  • The top 3 teams from previous FNCS will automatically enter into the finals too.

This format is well-honed, but it still provides exciting action. If you’re looking at Fortnite betting, then the FNCS is the biggest event. Make sure to stay up to date on Fortnite news to see how the game changes approaching the Season 7 FNCS

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