Fortnite Champion Series Season 4 – The Players to Watch

The fourth season of Fortnite is now in full swing, and its competitive scene is heating up. Fortnite holds pretty regular tournaments but the main event in each season is the Fortnite Champion Series. The Fortnite Champion Series Season 4 is looking to be the most exciting in-game event in a while. Last season’s iterations went ahead as a Solos competition, which while fun isn’t the most compelling format for competitive Fortnite. This time around its back to Trios, with teams of three competing.

Fortnite Champion Series Season 4 - The Players to Watch

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Competing in teams always raises the stakes in competitive events. Stacked late games become death-traps with roaming trios. Build battles are higher and more elaborate, with three great players building in tandem. Compared with Solos, we get to see a lot more skill on display. So, which are the players to watch in the upcoming Season of the Fortnite Champion Series?

The Fortnite Champion Series Season 4

The Fortnite Champion Series Season 4 is going to follow the same format as past seasons, which is a pretty well-worn template by now. If this is your first time though, this is how it all works:

  • Players compete online within Fortnite, with the player base split between region and device.
  • The first open stages start on October 8-9. Across four weeks, teams have a chance to qualify. The top teams will move forward from each week.
  • After the qualifiers, the top players compete in a single weekend tournament
  • The top players take home a share of the prize pool for the Season.

The Fortnite Champion Series tends to develop over the weeks that it runs, instead of having a few players dominating every single week. The different regions mean a lot of different teams end up in the finals, but most of the names you know will be competing in Europe and NA. As a trios game, players will have to be playing in the same team for the duration.

Who Are the Players to Watch at the Fortnite Champion Series?

A lot of players are going to throw themselves into the ring for the Fortnite Champion Series Season 4, but which are the players to watch? These are some of the players who you can expect big things from in the next FNCS event:

  • Benjyfishy – Benjyfishy has been a player on the rise or a while, and his recent results show why he’s such a serious contender in the Fortnite Champion Series Season 4. He took home first place in the Amar Trios Cup in June. He also placed highly in the warm-up for Season 4 and has had some of his best results when in a big team.
  • MrSavage – Like benjyfishy, MrSavage has had great results in the tournaments that feature a bigger team. He’s capable of working quickly and completely in sync with teammates.
  • Mitr0 – Mitr0 performed very well in the warm-up for this Season. He occasionally feel into the trap of trying to W-key every single player out there, but his aggressive approach works really well in a bigger unit.
  • Tayson – As part of Mitr0’s team, Tayson was a real surprise in the FNCS Season 4 warm-up. He pushed his team to perform even better and deserves a lot of credit for their placement. He also took first place in last season’s Fortnite Champion Series.

Those are some of the best Fortnite players in 2020, but they’re also the ones that could be doing big things in the upcoming tournament.  While it’s likely to be surprising, these players are a good choice for Fortnite betting. The Fortnite Champion Series Season 4 gets started in the next week, and you can follow the action along on Twitch.

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