Moqii is the first female player to Win Fortnite FNCS Season 3 Qualifiers

Fortnite this weekend was dominated by the first qualifying round of the Fortnite Champion Series. The latest FNCS Season 3 event was fairly eventful, a major pro was accused of cheating live on stream, and the first female player has managed to qualify for the FNCS. This is big news, but even bigger when you consider that the player was actually only 14 and still managed to finish with 94 points and qualify for the major tournament. On top of all this, Fortnite had a major update in the form of one major part of the game being completely disabled to fix some bugs! This is everything you need to know:

Fortnite FNCS Season 3, First Female Player to Win, and Boats Disabled

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FNCS Season 3 Qualifiers

FNCS Season 3 kicking off was the big event for the last week of Fortnite. The FNCS is Fortnite’s ongoing competitive event, it runs through each season and alternates between Duos, Squads, Trios, and Solo Seasons. The FNCS Season 3 is taking place as a Solo competition. Players who are ranked in the Champion section of Arena are eligible to take part. The top players at each round of qualifiers will move on to the next round of the FNCS.  However, players who consistently place highly without actually qualifying will also be invited to the finals, so there’s more than one way to qualify. On August 14-16th, finals will be held to pick the outright winner of the tournament in each region.

The first round of qualifiers for the FNCS Season 3 Solos had a few surprises. This is what you might have missed:

Moqii Becomes First Female Player to Win in FNCS Season 3

Moqii is a Sweedish 14-year-old who has just become the first female player to win a Fortnite Champion Series qualifier.  She might not be the biggest name in Fortnite but she is already signed to the Gen.G team in Europe. While only 14, she’s already pretty impressive in the game. She played 7 matches in the qualifying period. This didn’t exactly serve as a disadvantage though, she had less time to play games given her very high placement in all of the games she competed in.


Moqii managed to get three victory Royales, so just under half of all of the games that she played. This is impressive, and on top of this she got an average of six eliminations in each game. She just beat out second place. To qualify, she’ll have to continue to get these kinds of results. However, given this precedent that she’s set this it isn’t too big of a leap to assume she’ll manage it. Moqii might not jump to mind when you think about the best Fortnite players, but she’s definitely one to watch in future tournaments or Fortnite betting.

Benjyfishy Accused of Cheating in FNCS Season 3

The FNCS Season 3 had a few other big events. As is now customary with any Fortnite event, there were some accusations of cheating. In the last major cup, players were revealed to be using an aimbot. This accusation is much less grounded though!

Benjyfishy was engaged in a one on one during the FNCS Season 3 After taking a bit of damage, he backed off for a little bit. Immediately afterward, another player descending on the pair. This other player, Bengraal, began going after the player that Benjyfishy was fighting. In response, Benjy retreated entirely, seemingly being saved by the third party.

It is unlikely that this was actually organized cheating instead of a player simply not seeing the second player in the area. Benjy crouched and made his getaway with crash pads. The simplest explanation is that Bengraal just didn’t see him. That didn’t stop players spamming accusations at him though.

Benjyfishy responded with pretty much just frustration! Speaking on his stream, Benjyfishy just dismissed the allegation. Since then, most people have calmed down though, and accepted it was a bit of a weird coincidence but nothing else.

Fortnite Boats Disabled

The other major Fortnite news outside of the FNCS is that boats have vanished from the game. They’ve been disabled to patch out some bugs that have been present in the game. This is the latest bit of oddness to occur with Fortnite’s mobility options. They’ve been a bit strange since Season 3 launched. When the map was covered in water, mobility was pretty difficult. As it has receded, things have gotten easier. However, boats are pretty much the only option at the moment since the Chapter 2 map is still devoid of things like slipstreams. Taking away boats now is less frustrating than it would have been a few weeks ago. It does however further damage the map’s already present flaws with getting around quickly and rotation.

Boats will be back soon enough, there disabled for a bug fix rather than any conscious decision. With the ongoing delays of the introduction of cars to the game though, mobility at the moment is seeming kind of bugged out. Eventually, both boats and cars will be back in the game. Until then though, we’re limited to running and trying to find enough crash pads to hop over to the next circle in time.

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