Fortnite Mobile Esports Player Qualifies for DreamHack and Bugha Cup

Competitive Fortnite is generally focused around the PC. While consoles have their own cups and controllers are becoming more prominent, the PC is still the main way to play.

However, a Fortnite mobile esports player has managed to qualify for both the Dreamhack and Bugha cup, putting mobile players in the same field as those using high-end PCs. Is this the birth of a Fortnite mobile scene, or just one lucky player? The answer is a bit more complicated. When you drill down, high-end set-ups for playing Fortnite on mobile have became a big thing. They can actually offer better performance than some PC players get.

Fortnite Mobile Esports Player Qualifies for DreamHack and Bugha Cup

Photo by Joshua Hoehne

Fortnite mobile Esports isn’t a separate thing like you would find with PUBG mobile esports. If you’re doing Fortnite betting, it is the same batch of tournaments and players across all platforms. With the e tire game being integrated, players like Unreal aren’t in their own category. Unreal managed to qualify for both Dreamhack and the Bugha Cup on a mobile device. Although, the details of which mobile device top mobile players use can complicate that image.

Fortnite Esports Mobile player Unreal qualifies for Dreamhack and Bugah Cup

Unreal is a Fortnite player who manly plays on a smartphone device. He managed to qualify for the Bugha Cup, scoring 408 points across the matches. This isn’t going to make him one of the best Fortnite players out there, but it might make him the best out there on mobile at the moment.

In recent seasons, Fortnite has divided the player base for the big official tournaments. The FNCS and Cash Cups are now divided between console, PC, mobile and Switch. The PC category tends to be where big things happen. The console players are capped at 60 fps without much control over the game’s performance. This means that they can’t use the best Fortnite settings to try to get the game to run better, they’re locked into what they have. Unreal has been excelling in the third category, Switch and mobile. Previously, this was the same set-up as the console category. FPS essentially capped at 30 with worse performance overall.

A new approach to playing on mobile is changing that though. This Fortnite mobile Esports player has managed to compete with PC players by competing on their level.

When is Mobile Still Mobile?

Playing Fortnite on mobile probably implies that you’re playing on a physical mobile phone, hitting the screen to do anything and blocking the entire field of view. This isn’t really the case for high-level players though. Fortnite mobile actually offers more control over how the game looks and runs than the console version of the game.

High level Fortnite players can achieve 120 FPS on a mobile device. This type of performance is 4 times the capped rate on Switch, the other device in their category. It’s also far better than the performance you get on a console. Playing on an IPad Pro with everything optimized can get Fortnite mobile running better than a lot of players have it running on PC. This really goes a long way towards leveling the playing field.

The other concern for playing on mobile is the janky controls. This isn’t a problem if you connect a Bluetooth controller. So, Fortnite Esports mobile players get the performance of a high-end PC, and the control method of a lot of pro players too. So what exactly is the difference between them? At what point does mobile stop being mobile?

While it’s impressive that a Fortnite mobile player managed to qualify for big tournaments, mobile isn’t as much of a divider as it used to be. In fact, in regular divided up tournaments mobile players and consistency outperforming consoles, mainly by playing on the set-ups described. This isn’t exactly what you’d think of when you picture Fortnite on mobile, but it is a situation we might see more of in the future.

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