Complexity Gaming launches Mobile Mondays! The first mobile weekly Fortnite tournaments

The Esports organization Complexity Gaming has announced a new addition to the competitive Fortnite scene, one with a bit of a difference. Mobile Mondays are launching with a series of weekly Fortnite tournaments. These events particularly stand out, since they’re going to be played on mobile.

Mobile Mondays, The First Mobile Weekly Fortnite Tournaments

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Fortnite on Mobile is a hugely popular way to play the game, with more than 200 million players of the game. It is one of the easiest and most accessible ways to play a game that has made a name for itself by being accessible to everyone.

While the mobile version is quite popular, it isn’t the first thing most people imagine when they think of competitive Fortnite. However, in recent months Fortnite tournaments have been held on a number of consoles and the game seems to be going out of its way to validate any form of play. This latest addition of Fortnite Mobile tournaments means there are opportunities for great Fortnite players to compete on any platform.

Mobile Mondays weekly Fortnite tournaments

This batch of Fortnite Tournaments is being hosted alongside BoomTV and is something quite unique in Fortnite. Events are going to be held through Septembers and October, with the inaugural event kicking off on September 16th. A live watch party is going to be hosted in Complexity’s GameStop Performance Center.

The Performance Center is GameStop’s entry into the world of Esports. The ailing games store is attempting to diversify into the field.  Those who come to the launch party will be given some free merchandise for their trouble relating to the Esports organisation.

Each Monday will see $750 given away as the prize pool. Registered players can compete in as many games as they can between 5 pm and 8 pm. Points will be awarded for kills. The top players will take home $500 of the prize pool, with $200 for the second, and $50 for the third.

This kind of tournament prioritizes kills over placement. It will be interesting to see what players can achieve in the mobile version of Fortnite.

Is Fortnite Mobile different?

Fortnite Mobile is quite different from the version you’ll see on consoles or PC. However, those who dismiss the mobile version may be surprised about some of the similarities. Everything in the game is scaled down to allow it to run on a phone, but most competitive players hardly put a lot of stress on the game looking its best. Fortnite mobile is a fairly smoothly running version of the game, one that is stripped back but copes with the lower-powered hardware. The main issue is the controls. (Learn more about the Best Fortnite Settings for mobile).

Mapping every button onto a spot of the screen can make it difficult to play and see what you’re doing. Most players have used Bluetooth controllers to circumvent this. Playing Fortnite Mobile on a Bluetooth controller is an experience very close to that of playing on consoles. This Mobile Mondays tournament hasn’t made any specific instructions about controls, so it is likely that we’ll see controller players faring pretty well.

With a loose rule set Mobile Mondays is a particularly free-form type of weekly Fortnite tournament. It’s likely that players will find creative ways to get to the top of this contest.