Fortnite Guaranteed Win Glitch and Invisibility Found in Game

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is pretty busy at the moment, with the Fortnite champion Series, Cash Cups, and Platform Cups running every single week. That hasn’t stopped some players experimenting though. In their quest to find any possible outcome from performing weird actions in-game, players have discovered a Fortnite win glitch nearly guarantees a victory Royale, along with a glitch to make you invisible.

When a game gets as much new content as regularly as Fortnite does, there is bound to be a few hiccups. Typically, these are small bugs, but this newest batch of glitches are pretty big. Players can easily make themselves invisible in-game, and the Fortnite win glitch is almost comically easy to do to rack up wins. A whole team of players can use it to ride out the game in safety, and wait for the storm to kill any survivors to get a Victory Royale.

The Fortnite Win Glitch – Going Above the Storm

The newest vehicle to come to Fortnite are Helicopters. These vehicles give you great mobility, but no weapons. Compared to the last time planes were available, they’re pretty well balanced.

To perform the glitch, you need to fly the helicopter above the storm. This works by clipping your helicopter over the map. You need a grappler and a helicopter to pull this off. With one player flying the helicopter as high as it physically goes, the other player has to fire the grappler at the driver. Doing this repeatedly keeps the helicopter above the skybox. Looking around, you can easily see you’re above both the storm and the skybox for the game. This glitch allows you to go out of bounds.

Enemy players are unable to hit players who are this high above the storm. You can then just wait for the storm to kill off any players remaining. You can’t take damage, or be found by other players. So barring any mess ups for the players hovering above, you’re able to win the game.

Invisibility Glitch

The Fortnite wins glitch is pretty useful, but you can also use a glitch to become invisible. This one isn’t as impressive but it is really easy to pull off. The cardboard boxes are currently in the game allow the player to hide in them. However, Fortnite isn’t set in the world of Metal Gear and your cardboard box disguise fools very few people when you’re moving. You can aim a weapon while in the box, this causes you to pop out of the top to take your shots. If you do this while holding and aiming a harpoon gun, then your character becomes invisible.

This only works for full invisibility while you’re in the cardboard box and holding a harpoon gun. Holding another weapon makes your character invisible, but your weapon is visible. On top of that, an open box in the game does like a bit suspect. While a lot of players won’t look twice, you can expect growing paranoia over boxes the longer that this glitch is in the game. This makes it a bit less useful than the Fortnite win glitch, but something cool to try out still.

Quick Fix Unlikely

With so many glitches in the game at the moment, we can expect a patch pretty soon. Although, it may be the case that this Fortnite win glitch isn’t fixed as quickly as it normally would be. With the current global crisis affecting most developers, it may take Epic longer than usual to patch this glitch or see more items vaulted just to remove the problem rather than fix it.

Usually, glitches like this take some dexterity to pull off. Big glitches have instructions that read like the notes of someone speedrunning Mario 64 utilizing only half an ‘A’ press. These batch are relatively simple though, so simple that you can probably boot up Fortnite after watching only one or two clips of the glitches and recreate it yourself.

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