Mark Hamill Joins Ninja for Fortnite Star Wars Crossover

Star Wars becomes somewhat inescapable during the release of a new movie. It dominates pretty much anywhere you find ads or people discussing online, it had even creped its way into Fortnite this time around. After a special event, Fortnite has received quite a bit of Star Wars crossover materials. This has also lead to a particularly fun stream. Mark Hamill and Ninja joined up together to drop in to Fortnite, and it was definitely something different.

Mark Hamill has never played Fortnite before. He’s lent his voice to some pretty iconic video games in the past but hasn’t yet picked up a controller for this game. That is understandable, but it also showed during this streaming session. Ninja had a lot of tutorials to run through.

However, if you’re going to be taught how to play Fortnite you can do a lot worse than being taught by Ninja. He even needed coaching on how to use the Xbox One controllers that were being used for this special stream, although controls have come a long way since the SNES’ Super Star Wars days.

This was a pretty entertaining stream that is worth checking out if you’re interested in Fortnite, or people being quite confused by the core concepts of Fortnite and needing one of the biggest players in the world to explain it to them. However, the Fortnite Star Wars crossover event doesn’t end there, there has been lots going on.

The Fortnite Star Wars Crossover

This week saw a big live event take place in Fortnite, for the first time on the Fortnite Chapter 2 map. This was a special screening of a scene from the latest Star Wars movie. Alongside this showing though, there has been quite a bit of content. There are the usual Star Wars themed skins that you’d expect from a crossover, but also a lot to be doing in-game.

Around the map, you will now find ‘crash sites’. These are spots where Tie Fighter spaceships apparently crashed following the event. In these sites, there are Stormtrooper bots hanging around. Killing one of them gives you their weapons, which conveniently come with unlimited ammo.

Fortnite Star Wars Crossover

© Epic Games

Lightsabers are also currently active in the game. However, these are only available in particular spots. To find them you’ll need to search through quite a lot of chests. Once you get one, you can use it as a sword-like weapon. You can also block shots taken at you, and even do bigger jumps than normal.

A lot of players have been having fun with this content, such as ditching guns entirely in favor of lightsaber fights. Really devoted players can spend the next few days progressing through the challenges that have been added to the game along with this content, to unlock emotes and back bling.

The Ninja Mark Hamill stream was a particularly well coordinate bit of marketing. While the content added to Fortnite was fun, the stream was something different. Seeing big players with interact with complete beginners is kind of fun on its own, making ninja’s Fortnite sessions with Mark Hamill a pretty exciting stream. After Ninja previously complained that Fortnite Chapter 2 lacked updates, it’s unlikely that he still has the same concern today.

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