Simplicity Esports to host a Fortnite tournament around the US during Black Friday

Simplicity Esports is no small deal – the organisation is huge and it has facilities all over the US – a good number of them are about to be put to good use! Yesterday, Simplicity announced that they will be hosting a national esports tournament on Black Friday – a free-entry, cross-platform Fortnite competition will feature a $5000 cash prize. It will take place across the network of facilities that Simplicity has, along with PLAYlive Nation gaming centres.

Simplicity Esports to host Fortnite tournament in the US

© Simplicity Esports

These PLAYlive Nation centres belong to Simplicity after they bought out the company earlier this year in an attempt to make esports more accessible to the general masses. This upcoming Fortnite tournament will mark the first official companywide endeavour that they are starting.

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The idea behind the project

The idea is to give the general public a chance to compete with little to no entry-hurdles and for a small prize incentive. This tournament is not alone though – more are already planned throughout the rest of 2019.

These tournaments won’t all be Fortnite – although Simplicity has not yet announced the dates or games that will be played, they have mentioned that other games will also be included, and that more info will be released in the ‘near future’.

The president of Simplicity Esports, Roman Franklin, commented on this new tournament:

“It is exciting to offer the esports gaming community the opportunity to compete in a National Tournament utilizing our nationwide footprint of esports gaming centers. Fortnite® is an obvious choice for our first tournament, as it is the most popular title played throughout our gaming centers. Our 47 brick and mortar locations have a vast reach, which allows the company to further engage publishers, casual gamers, and aspiring professional esports athletes. With 32 locations in shopping malls throughout North America, this holiday season represents an advantageous time to further introduce our brand and offerings to the public.“

Of the 47 locations that Simplicity has, a majority are in fact set in shopping centres around the US – the 32 in question will no doubt be absolutely overrun by Black Friday shoppers. As mentioned, it’s not yet known which games may feature in future tournaments, or indeed when they may happen, but given that Simplicity has content creators covering games like PUBG, League of Legends, Overwatch, Gears of War, Smite and more, we can definitely hope for some of these to feature in future competitions!

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