Why Are So Many Fortnite Pros Switching to Controllers?

Fortnite is primarily played on the PC with a mouse and keyboard, at least professionally. This has always been accepted as the best way to play, like playing Street Fighter with a joystick or Smash Bros with a GameCube Controller.

Yet, there has been more and more attention given to controller players. Plenty of pros are switching to a Fortnite controller, and that list seems to be growing. Over the last few weeks more and more have switched over, but will the trend last?

Fortnite Pros Switching to Controllers

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What Pros are Playing with a Fortnite controller?

Fortnite controllers have received a bit of a spike in interested following the World Cup. At this event, second place was taken by Duo nyhrox and aqua, who both used controllers. This lead to an initial wave of curiosity which did convert quite a few players to this alternative control scheme. Some pros tried it out and disliked it. Yet again though, the controller issue has raised its head and players have gravitated towards them.

Recently, TSM Myth has converted. The pro player and streamer went from trying out the gamepad to making a slightly hammy speech and his future intentions. He isn’t the only one who thinks it’s the better way to play either.

Tfue recently spouted off about controller payers in Fortnite, deciding they had an unfair advantage over those with a mouse and keyboard. He has in the past attempted to play with a controller, mainly for a novelty on his Twitch. In these cases, he did not do well. It seems while he has a problem with skilled controller players, he can’t work through the skill gap to build muscle memory using twin sticks.

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One notable voice against the rise of the Fortnite controller has been Ninja. The traditionalist has reacted poorly to these new converts and the prospect of playing a Fortnite controller. The streamer made it clear he wouldn’t be going back to a controller anytime soon.

Ninja claimed the aim assist on the game was far too strong, giving controller players an unfair advantage. As to why he won’t be joining them? He seems to have lost the muscle memory for using one. He claims that he grips them too tight now and can’t be as effective with a gamepad as in the past. This is despite his past playing Halo.

Are Controllers Overpowered?

Fortnite controllers actually have a few differences from the standard gamepad that most console players use. The most important one of these though, is paddle attachments. These are long buttons that can be easily hit using your fingers on the back of the controller. However, they aren’t extra. They can be mapped to any button, and allow the player to always keep their fingers on the sticks and triggers. This little difference completely changes the way controllers are handled in the game, but it doesn’t give any ergonomic advantage over a keyboard.

Most detractors from controller use claim that aim assist makes them broken. This is a different problem really. In the past Aim assist was a lot more helpful for players than it currently is. Epic actually considerably nerfed the aim assist a few updates ago, but clearly this wasn’t enough for keyboard devotees like Ninja.

If these switches to a controller are going to be permanent remains to be seen. Pro payers have great reaction times from the amount of practice they have with a specific control scheme. Switching to a new one undoes a lot of this practice. Some may join the ranks of Fortnite controller players, but it is also possible that plenty are just experimenting to keep things interesting for streams between events.

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