Hearthstone is back at BlizzCon

It’s been a tough battle for our Hearthstone teams who have been facing off against one another since July, trying to secure a spot at the Hearthstone Global Games Final. This year has seen competitors from over 48 different countries, spread across 8 regions compete to see just who can build a better deck, and who can outsmart their opponent. The championship season is well underway now and all eyes are turning to BlizzCon to see how the final moments will play out.


@ Blizzard Entertainment

Some games rely on action and quick reflexes, Hearthstone instead relies on careful thinking and strategy. It’s not enough to build a deck with brute force alone, you need a deck that can adapt to different opponents and conditions. Players the world over have been planning and executing numerous strategies, all hoping to gain the upper hand, and BlizzCon will see all that hard work pay off.

The teams have been stripped down to only the final 8 from across the globe, and they will all compete against one another over the course of BlizzCon until the finals on November 3rd. Fans wanting to catch the action will either need to tune in online, or head on over to the North Hall where the Hearthstone Tournament Stage can be found. The semifinals kick off at 9:45am local time, with the grand final taking place at 1:45pm. Make sure you don’t miss out!

Starting off the group matches on November 2nd, Spain are set to face-off against Hong Kong, followed swiftly by New Zealand matching up against China. Both of the latter teams have been in the top 8 before, so it will be interesting to see what their players have in store for this year. None of these teams have actually faced off against one another yet, but all have performed very strongly so far. They’ve each clocked up a 4-2 match record, but Spain esports has seen the fewest game losses overall. China has had a very good showing on tiebreakers, winding up 6th so it will be interesting to see how they fare in the upcoming group elimination rounds.

2018 has also seen the introduction of a new feature for Hearthstone teams, and that’s extra funding through Twitch. Fans have been able to Cheer for their teams, and a portion of all Bits spent by viewers, have been sent through to the teams directly. It’s been a great way for supporters to show their appreciation and this is set to continue right through BlizzCon and even 1 day after the event closes too. So, if you want to show your favorite team some love, this is a great way to do so.

BlizzCon promises to be a fantastic event, with numerous tournaments running throughout. The Hearthstone Global Games promises to be exciting to watch, whether you’re able to make it to the live event itself, or are watching online. Show your support for your favorite country and stay tuned as the matches wind up to a nail-biting final.