Knights of Hallow’s End – Completing the main quests with ease

Blizzard finally decided to spice up Hearthstone with some kind of event that gives out more than packs, and the first one we have in store is themed around the infamous Headless Horseman from the Warcraft universe.

HS return of the knights

The event will last two weeks from the launch of patch 24.6 until November 16th. Until then, players will be able to do quests specific to the event, which will grant them the following rewards:

  • 100 Event XP –Lich Baz’hial Battlegrounds Emote
  • 300 Event XP – March of the Lich King Pack and a Standard Pack
  • 500 Event XP –Lady Vashj Battlegrounds Emote
  • 700 Event XP – March of the Lich King Pack and Murder at Castle Nathria Pack
  • 1000 Event XP – Banshee Tyrande Hero Skin for Priest

Return of the Knights of the Frozen Throne

Considering that the event is focused on the Headless Horseman riding north to aid the Lich King in conquering Silvermoon, it only makes sense to bring back the expansion that was themed around the Lich King in the past – Knights of the Frozen Throne. All of the cards from this expansion are added to the core set until the March of the Lich King is released on December 6th.

Most of the quests utilize the mechanics from the expansion, and considering that they are the most significant source of experience that will help players progress the rewards track to earn rewards, finishing them as soon as possible with minimal effort is probably why you are here.

There will be two kinds of quests during the event, the daily ones, which you can reroll into something else, which are relatively easy, and card-specific ones, which you will not only not be able to reroll but will have to do in a specific order. The card-specific quests are:

  • Play 3 Knights of the Frozen Throne hero cards – Rewards 60 Event XP.
  • Play 5 Lifesteal cards – Rewards 70 Event XP.
  • Activate the Battlecry of Prince Keleseth, Taldaram, or Valanar – Rewards 100 Event XP.
  • Receive 2 Legendary minions from Sindragosa’s Frozen Companions – Rewards 100 Event XP
  • Play 3 Lich King cards received from Arfus or The Lich King – Rewards 200 Event XP

While the daily and card-specific quests are the fastest way to gain Event XP, you will also gain some from playing Hearthstone, similar to what you get on the seasonal Rewards Track. If you do not have time to grind things out, using the following deck for each quest is the optimal way to earn Event XP. These are by no means the best Hearthstone decks, but will get the job done for this event.

With all of that info out of the way, below, you will find the most optimal ways to complete the specific card quests if you exclusively play Standard mode (someone who turns all of the Wild cards into dust as the new season starts).

HS March of the Lich

Play 3 Knights of the Frozen Throne hero cards – Evolve Shaman

Considering that Thrall, Deathseer is the cheapest of all Death Knights, and that Evolve Shaman is already a viable deck, there is no better option to complete this quest if you want to climb the ladder along with it.

The strategy with Evolve Shaman is fairly simple, as you want to play a bunch of cheap minions with high mana cost, such as Murlocs, which are discounted by Clownfish, Murloculas when they cost 0 mana, Goldshire Gnolls when they are cheap, as well as Tiny Toys. Once you have a board of minions that have made their trades and could use some evolving, play Thrall, Deathspeaker, or Convincing Disguise to push toward victory.

Suppose expensive minions are not enough to win you the games. In that case, you can always close them with Sire Denathrius, followed by Bolner Hammerbeak and Brilliant Macaw next turn, with a Brann Bronzebeard if you really need that extra damage.

Deck code: AAECAdOLBQim7wPj9gOG+gPDkQTp0ASY1ASX7wSW7AUQxvkD04AElZIE3JIE25QE1bIE4LUEssEExc4Exs4Er9kEtdkEttkEy+IE4O0EvPAEAA==

Play 5 Lifesteal cards – Casual Paladin

The fastest way to complete this quest is to switch to Casual for a game or two and queue up with a Paladin deck that is stuffed with all the possible Lifesteal cards you may have in your collection. The deck we are going to list is what we used to complete the Quest in a single game, but if you are missing some cards, add healing, card draw, or other Lifesteal cards you may have.

Deck code: AAECAdK+BQLV6wPp0AQOzOsD8PYD8/YDi/gD9KQEktQEy+IEueQEkaQFnesFpesFvusFw+sFxesFAA==

Activate the Battlecry of Prince Keleseth, Taldaram, or Valanar – Keleseth Rogue

Of the three princes, Keleseth is probably the only viable one in the modern Standard format. While this Rogue deck might not be something you will see on the competitive scene or in high legend play, it is a great deck to rush through the early Hearhstone ranks while also completing this quest.

The strategy is to play Keleseth or Snapdragon, then Shadowstep it back into your hand, and then play it again. This way, the minions in your deck will have amazing stats for a very small cost, and once you think you can push for the win, you can play Edwin, Defias Kingpin, draw and play a bunch of cards to develop a huge board, and win the game.

Deck code: AAECAcmLBQbn8APtgATlsATHsgSX1AT36wUMqOsDre4DivQD9p8E7qAEnMcEiskEu84EntQEpeQEkusFgOwFAA==

Receive 2 Legendary minions from Sindragosa’s Frozen Companions – Mage

This is probably the hardest quest to complete, as Sindragosa is limited to Mage. Sindragosa being an 8-mana card makes this even harder, as it can be very tough to get to the point where you have an opportunity to play her on the board.

Because of that, we suggest using a classic Spooky Mage deck which has that Hero Power package along with some cards that interact with Volatile Skeletons. To win games with this deck, stall the game, kill off as many Volatile Skeletons as possible, enable your Mordresh Fire Eye or Sire Denathrius, and win the game with big swings.

Deck code: AAECAcu+BQrY7AOd7gOgigTlsATp0ASY1AS42QS65ASX7wSI7AUP1OoD0uwD0+wD1uwDkoEEk4EEn5IEoZIE/J4E+6IE8dMEyt4E294E+uwEhJMFAA==

Play 3 Lich King Cards received from Arfus or The Lich King – Arfus Hunter

While the Lich King cards were considered very powerful back in the days when Knights of the Frozen throne was initially released, by today’s standards…they are not that great. Because of that, we suggest to once again queue Casual instead of Standard, as this deck is focused on completing the quest instead of winning games and climbing the ladder.

The strategy for completing the quest is to discover copies of Arfus with Selective Breeders, discount and dredge him with Harpoon Guns, cheat him out of the deck with Pet Collectors or Azsharan Sabers, activate the Deathrattle with Devouring Swarm, Play Dead and Defense Attorney Nathanos, and reviving him Revive Pet. By doing all that, you will receive a lot of Lich King cards, and hopefully cheap ones.

Cards such as Batty Guest, Irondeep Trogg, Peasant, K9-0tron, and Vicious Slitherspear, as well as Doggie Biscuit and Rammin Mount, are here just to get you through the early game so you can play Arfus and the Death Knight cards later on.

Deck Code: