Upcoming Hearthstone balance changes

Naga Sea Witch: Mana cost increased from 5 to 8

As many already know, the Naga Sea Witch is an extremely annoying card in the early to mid phases of the game. This is mainly due to its low mana cost, allowing opponents to play major hitters in turns 6 to 8. The card provides too much value, at a much too early stage.

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By increasing the mana cost, it orientates the card to the later stages of the game. Doing so definitely makes the card weaker overall, however, stalling decks that incorporate the witch will be more or less unaffected, since the late game impact of two heavy hitters on turn 10 is still there. The increased mana cost will force opponents/decks to reveal defences earlier to set up for placement.

Spiteful Summoner: Mana cost increased from 6 to 7

Not the biggest of all changes, however, it seriously impacts the value of this card. While to some, it may not look like much, 1 mana means A LOT, especially in the later game, where it would be the difference between a full board clear, or giving initiative to the opponent. Blizzard’s reasoning for the increased mana cost is due to the heightened pool of 10 mana cost cards, however, the increase of 1 mana doesn’t affect that much at all, since people who roll a 10 cost spell, will win anyway (most likely).

Dark Pact: Health restored from 8 to 4

Extremely major nerf on Dark Pact, while the card was great in value, nerfing the effect by 50% is insane. This nerf will likely remove play from all decks, and the ladder will overall see a reduction of demon based warlock decks.

Possessed Lackey: Mana cost increased from 5 to 6

Once again, while 1 mana cost may not seem like much, it has seriously affected the usability of this card. Not only has value gone down, the fact it has to be played a turn later, it HUGE. Costing 6 mana means the player will only be able to recruit a demon at turn 7, much too late in the game. The mana increase will definitely decrease the use of the card.

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Call to Arms: Mana cost increased from 4 to 5

While the mana cost has been increased for this card, it is not too big a hit. The card can still provide value, or barely break even. Even on the odd chance, 3 separate 1 drops spawn, they are still 3 bodies that paladins can work with and buff. Since paladins have plenty of options at turn 4, its likely one Call to Arms will still be used in a range of paladin decks.

Crystal Core: Effect, from all minions in the game being 5/5 to 4/4

Quite a heavy nerf value wise, however, the card still brings a great deal of tempo once played. Since the effects of minions still stay, the stat loss is not too bad regarding the card’s effectiveness.