Invictus Gaming risks demotion in the final week China’s DPC Tour 2022

It’s not every season that we hear Invictus Gaming play the chorus of Stayin’ Alive by Bees Gees. The Singapore Major 2021 Champion is currently seventh on the scoreboard and is up for relegation into Division 2 if they don’t win their last two matches.

Once again, the Dota Pro Circuit 2021-22 in China proves that even the strongest can struggle as is the case for Invictus Gaming. Here’s our breakdown of the final week and how we expect the standings to look like at the end of it all.

Invictus Gaming vs Team Aster

After the underdog team, LBZS upset IG in a clean 2-0 sweep, IG is on the verge of elimination from the Division 1 bracket next tour. Looking back at the intense series, we have to give credit where it’s due, as LBZS have certainly outdone themselves.

For starters, LBZS brainstormed their drafts to simply outsmart IG. They first-picked two mid heroes, Queen of Pain and Death Prophet, followed by a last-pick Templar Assassin. This is perhaps one of the most elaborate mind games we have seen from LBZS thus far, and it was effective. IG’s midlaner, Zhou “Emo” Yi, was effectively countered by Queen of Pain, especially in the laning phase.

With a poor start and being forced into purchasing a defensive item, Black King Bar, Emo has never look so underwhelming.

Team Aster poses threat to IG’s survival

On the other hand, Team Aster wouldn’t need to depend on such underhanded tactics in their bout versus IG. Aster is comfortably in the top seeds, which has much to thank for the fact that they are late game-oriented. Du “Monet” Peng, Aster’s hard carry is the ol’ reliable assurance, enabling Aster to focus on making key objectives across the map worry-free.

Couple that with Aster’s aggressive playstyle, and they rake up numerous kills per match. Expect Aster to have over 45.5 total kills per match, which returns x1.53 odds. Despite Aster’s high average kills, they never overextend the game, where matches typically last under 32.5 minutes, which has x3.02 returns.

Aster is no stranger to picking Templar Assassin, which is an effective Roshan-killing hero, so betting on Aster’s first Roshan and Win Map is reasonable at x2.08 odds.

Overall, Aster has better odds at x1.53 versus IG at x2.43 odds, many thanks to IG’s downhill performance.

Invictus Gaming vs PSG.LGD

IG hops from the frying pan into the fire, accurately depicts IG’s numbered days at the DPC China. PSG.LGD is indisputably the most prominent team in the DPC China, securing their confirmed slot in Division 1 Tour 2.

The International 10 (TI10) first runner-up lives up to everyone’s expectations, and we surely expect nothing less. Absolute, disciplined, and experienced very well defines PSG.LGD’s current state. Despite being in the scene for so long, PSG.LGD remains unbeatable for good reasons. Their versatility in both playstyle and drafts suggested by Zhang “xiao8” Ning is certainly the powerhouse’s hallmark.

Betting on PSG.LGD’s absolute victory

Unsurprisingly, the Dota 2 odds favor PSG.LGD at x1.26 against IG at x3.68 returns. Additionally, PSG.LGD is facing a familiar opponent this time around, albeit an underperforming one. Nevertheless, they would likely prioritize making Emo obsolete by shutting him down during the early game and preventing him from being a wunderkind.

First blood by PSG.LGD offers an x1.79 return, which isn’t out of the ordinary, considering their early skirmishes to punish opponents at level 1. Furthermore, Map Total Kills to be under 43.5 as a reasonable wager at x2.31 odds since PSG.LGD systematically secures objectives and probably won’t let IG gain any leverage.

Betting on a 2:0 win in favor of PSG.LGD is reasonable since PSG.LGD doesn’t often drop any game, and IG has also not put up any fight in past matches too. The x1.92 return isn’t the fanciest reward, but it’s almost a guaranteed win.

On the contrary, betting otherwise, in favor of IG’s clean sweep is a long shot, but it rakes an exciting x7.0 return on GG.BET

Verdict on Invictus Gaming at the DPC2021-22 China

It’s shocking to realize that IG of all TI10 participants have such a rough time staying afloat. The expectation versus reality IG is currently facing are ridiculously drastic, and IG is very much at the brim of Division 2 relegation.

Well, it all comes down to how IG holds up against these overwhelming odds in Dota 2 betting. What’s worse is that IG’s presence in Division 2 would only disrupt the standards there, and absolutely crush its competition. This is most certainly not what Valve had in mind when introducing a sustainable amateur bracket for the DPC2021-22.