Best Milio counters in LoL

If you’re wondering who you should be playing against Milio, here are the five best counters to beat him in LoL season 13.

best milio counters

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The best Milio counters in LoL

Milio is the newest champion released in LoL. While he’s not necessarily the most broken release of recent times (Aurelion Sol on release beat him hands down), he has been doing quite well considering players had to spend time mastering him.

He received a small hotfix that made him less oppressive, but players have quickly found out why he’s a strong pick currently. Not only is he a great enchanter for hypercarries in the current meta, but most importantly he has the Cozy Campfire (W) that increases all his allies’ attack range. Whether it’s for lane trading or teamfights, it’s a powerful tool to not underestimate.

For those reasons, Milio can be an oppressive or annoying presence, to the point where he is banned. When that is not the case, however, it’s important to know which are the best champions to counter Milio, so you don’t waste a ban on a champion that is not a top-tier priority in the patch.

To help you out, we’ve created a list of the best counters to beat Milio. We will be explaining why they are strong against him, and some of the potential tricks to nullify his presence. Make also sure to check out all the other counter lists in the future, so you know what to play against most League champions in the game.

Bard – the no. 1 counter for Milio

Based on the current meta, Bard is the best support you can play to counter Milio. He has multiple tools to counter Milio, especially early on thanks to his roaming potential.

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While Bard doesn’t really counter Milio kit-wise, the champion’s main strength lies in the ability to impact the map a lot more in the first 15-20 minutes of the game. As an enchanter, Milio is usually forced to stay in the lane to protect its ADC. And even if he can move to other lanes, he will rarely have much agency on plays, aside from providing good peeling.

Bard, on the other hand, can become a big point of pressure by quickly moving across lanes and giving other lanes an advantage. This can be done alone or in coordination with the jungler, leading to potential dives and ganks from unexpected positions or timings.

Not to mention that Bard can counter Milio in the teamfight by locking him down with the ultimate. Since Tempered Fate will stun the targets for long enough, Milio can become an easy target to burst down, even if he has the ultimate ready.

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Senna – outscaling is key

Given that Annie is a highly contested pick in solo queue, there are chances that you won’t get the chance to play her. In that case, Senna is one of the best counters for Milio you can get.

While it doesn’t counter Milio laning-wise, Senna is the type of champion that can outscale him thanks to her passive. Milio can’t threaten him during the first minutes of the game, so she essentially gets a free farm lane where she can sit back and collect stacks.

Once you get to the mid and late-game, Senna will be dominating the game with the extra long-range auto attacks and damage. Considering that Milio is also squishy, he might be two-shotted by Senna if she gets enough items and stats.

When playing Senna, make sure to not look for aggressive trades: just handshake the lane and punish when the enemies are making mistakes.

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Blitzcrank – The best hook support to beat Milio

If you dislike playing enchanter or ranged supports, then Blitzcrank is the best melee champion to counter Milio.

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There is a special interaction that great Milio players can abuse and that is the fact that they can stomp enemies from engaging with hooks by using the Ultra Mega Fire Kick (Q) mid-dash. By doing so, he can interrupt their engage and also apply great damage.

Blitzcrank, however, is different from the rest of the hook champions. This is because he casts the hook and brings the targets toward him, rather than the other way around. As a result, it makes Milio’s Q useless.

Paired with his great single-target crowd control chain with his E and R, Blitzcrank and his team can blow Milio up before he can cast any spell. On top of that, he can also potentially negate the Cozy Campfire’s (W) buff by hooking the enemies out of Milio’s zone.

If you want to play an aggressive support, then Blizcrank is the way to go.

Thresh – one of the best aggro counters for Milio

Speaking of aggressive supports, there is another great engage champion to win against Milio, and that is Thresh.

He doesn’t necessarily win the 2v2 since it’s highly dependent on which ADC he’s playing with and which marksman he’s against. That said, the way Thresh beats Milio is through roaming around the map and having your other laners snowball. Try to find the right windows to punish the enemies on the map and capture the neutral objectives.

During the teamfights, you’re looking to bait Milio into using his ultimate before making the decisive engage. Don’t force too quickly or Milio and his ADC will melt you down before you can do anything.

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Sona – the off-meta counter support

While all the other supports are also strong in these patches, Sona is the off-meta pick that can surprise the enemies.

Image Credits | Riot Games

Similar to Senna, Sona gets stronger the longer the game goes, as her buffs, heals, and shields increase. Since Milio won’t be able to punish her early on, she can safely go past the laning phase and then use her kit to protect her allies.

Having said that, be careful when picking Sona: you need good vision control to avoid ganks from the enemy jungler and avoid dying during 2v2 trades. As long as you can scale and keep up with Milio, you will end up beating him later in the game.

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