Pushing back Hearthstone Masters: Voyage to Sunken City is for the best

While pushing back certain events is usually not the best news in the world of esports, but in this case, it is probably one of the best decisions Blizzard made in recent times. While the Masters Tour: Voyage to the Sunken City was supposed to begin on April 21st, it is instead pushed back for a week and is now going to last from April 28th until May 1st.

HS Masters Tour Voyage SS

Why is Masters: Voyage to Sunken City being pushed back?

The main reason the event is being delayed for a week is because of two major things happening in the game. The first one, obviously being the new expansion which will introduce 135 new cards and a new minion tribe Naga along with the new Colossal and Dredge keywords. This introduction alone would be a bit chaotic, as the expansion holds a lot of powerful cards, and since it is coming out on April 12th with the original date, it would give competitors only a week to create decks with these new cards.

Of course, there have been events where expansions and mini-sets were released a week before the event, and players had no issues using these cards to create new decks, but the second major thing happening in Hearthstone is a yearly rotation, which will completely upset the meta and the structure of decks used in the past year.

A lot of powerful cards are moved from the standard to the wild format, which is why delaying the event is a good call. The delay will give players to experiment with the new options, and it might provide the developers with an opportunity to hotfix specific interactions or cards that are just too overpowered.

Qualifications rescheduled too

If you want to try to display your Hearthstone skill and try your luck by getting into the Masters Tour 4, the qualifiers will take place from April 21st until April 24th. Like always, you can register on Battlefy. Just be careful when registering to apply to the correct region.

Where/When to watch Masters: Voyage to Sunken City?

For those who wish to spectate this exciting event that is going to be full of new and exciting decks, as well as some new faces in Hearthstone esports, you can catch the event on the official Hearthstone YouTube Channel on April 28th when the tournament begins.

The more detailed schedule is the following:
• Swiss Round 1 – 4, April 28: Tournament play begins at 10:15 PM PT (Broadcast begins at 11:00 PM PT)
• Swiss Round 5 – 8, April 29: Tournament play begins at 10:15 PM PT (Broadcast begins at 11:00 PM PT)
• Playoffs, April 30: Tournament play begins at 10:15 PM PT (Broadcast begins at 11:00 PM PT)

Those interested in Hearthstone betting will likely find odds available on the 27th of April.

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