Minnesota RØKKR domination heading into Championship Weekend

This past weekend saw the Stage 5 LAN Major go down. It was the culmination of the last few weeks of regular week’s games, and a real joy to watch. However, it is also the end of the Stages and regular season for the entire Call of Duty League. Stage 5 had a particularly surprising Major with Minnesota RØKKR claiming the top spot after a surprising few matches.

This was the last event before we move into the CDL Championship Weekend 2021. The best Call of Duty players will now face against each other to see who can claim the overall CDL Championship. Before that, here’s what you’ve missed and what you can expect at the CDL Championship Weekend 2021.

ROKKR Stage 5 Major

CDL Stage 5 Major – RØKKR Reborn

The Call of Duty League Stage 5 final ran from July 29th through to the 1st of August. The event didn’t exactly go how a lot of people thought, including our pickems for the week. The two teams that had come out on top of their own groups all got knocked back over the course of the major.

Heading into the event, Chicago Optic finished on top of one group with FaZe and LA Thieves coming up below. The second group had Dallas in first with Toronto and Minnesota RØKKR coming up behind. In previous majors, Atlanta FaZe, Chicago, and Dallas had definitely been the stand-out teams. Yet, things have changed up quite a bit in the major though.

Once we reached the winner’s bracket of the event, Atlanta was quickly knocked out by Minnesota. Toronto also took out LA Thieves. In the next round, Minnesota again knocked out Dallas, then Toronto before the final. Essentially in the first few rounds, Minnesota defeated the winners of all other majors in the CDL so far this season. This was kind of a surprise. The team has shown some major improvements and stood out amongst the rest of the crowd.

Once back in the losers bracket, Atlanta managed to be knocked out by Seattle. The other top teams to move in from the winner’s bracket faired better. Dallas eventually beat LA Thieves, which Chicago moving through Seattle. Chicago then won out against Dallas before losing up to Toronto. The last match was a rematch of the end of the winner’s bracket, with the same result. However, the game was quite a bit tighter. Minnesota won 5-4 against Toronto. While close, Minnesota has clearly stood out over the weekend.

Copium Point: If you look at our pick’ems predictions ahead of the event, and just swap FaZe and ROKKR, we were pretty much on point.

CDL Championship Weekend 2021

The next stage of the Call of Duty League is going to be the season finale: The CDL Championship Weekend 2021. The top 8 teams from this season’s Call of Duty League are competing in a double elimination tournament bracket. The top team is going to be crowned the champions for this entire season of the Call of Duty League. The overall prize pool includes $1,200,000 for the winner and $2,500,000 overall. These are the eight teams that are due to be taking part and where they sit on the points roster going into the event:

  • Atlanta FaZe – 1st
  • Toronto Ultra – 2nd
  • Dallas Empire – 3rd
  • OpTic Chicago 4th
  • New York Subliners – 5th
  • Minnesota RøKRR – 6th
  • LA Thieves – 7th
  • Florida Mutineers – 8th

Sadly, this means the season is over for four other teams.


The teams are seeded based on these results. So, Atlanta FaZe and Toronto Ultra are going to be entering in the second round of the winner’s bracket. LA Thieves and Florida are going to be in the losers’ bracket. The other teams are all starting in the first round of the winner’s bracket. If you’re looking at Call of Duty betting for the CDL Championship Weekend, then the last Stage 5 LAN threw a wrench in the works a bit. The performance of Minnesota has definitely upset the rankings. All the teams they beat out were the ‘safer’ picks for the Call of Duty for Stage 5, and probably for Call of Duty League betting. So going into the Championship weekend, things are looking more unpredictable than ever.

Stay tuned for our Pick’em predictions and full esports odds breakdown in a later article.