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MultiVersus Fall Showdown – Round #1 Winners & Registration Still Open

The Multiversus Fall Showdown is launching soon and registration is now open for this huge new tournament series. The Fall Showdown is one of the biggest events for competitive play since the Multiversus EVO tournament. It might not quite be on the level of a record-breaking prize pool at the biggest fighting game event, but this is a good step forward for the game.

MultiVersus tournaments have been a bit slower since EVO. However, Fall Showdown looks set to kickstart competitive events again. This is how the series is going to work and how you can enter.

MultiVersus Fall Showdown

The MultiVersus fall Showdown is an official series of events for the game. It’s going to be a premier tournament series for three biggest regions so far. There’s Europe, North America East, and North America West taking part. MultiVersus still isn’t available in some regions, so limiting a tournament to these places makes more sense than it might seem.

Each of these local areas will have two qualifying rounds. Players can compete in these to try and earn a slot at the finals. The Open Qualifiers will still have prizes, so it’s worth competing. Each is going to have having cross-play enabled, so players can get involved on any platform. The top eight players from each qualifier will move forward to the full finals.

The total Prize pool for the end of the season is going as high as $60,000.

MultiVersus Fall Showdown Schedule and Prize Pool

The Fall Showdown is going to be a wide series of tournaments. It’s taking place from mid-October through to the second half of November. This is how the events break down and when you can take part:

MultiVersus Fall Showdown North America West

  • Open 1 – October 15
  • Open 2 – November 5
  • Finals – November 18

North America East

  • Open 1 – October 15
  • Open 2 – November 5
  • Finals – November 21st


  • Open 1 – October 22
  • Open 2 – November 5
  • Finals – November 20

The opening rounds in North America saw, Cruncho and Rufflecrumbs dominate the NA East Open #1, while LuckMVS and AvG Mikko won the NA West portion. As expected, Bugs & Velma were the staple pick at this event, no Tom & Jerry shenanigans this time around.

You can watch the entire stream from the first Open below:

These events are going to span the duration of the fall. Each round is going to have its own prize, even just for qualifying for the tournaments.

Qualifying & Finals Prizes

The qualifiers have a small prize pool as well. First placed players get 500$, while spots all the way down to 26th are paid out with at least $50. Players at the Finals are paid out in the following format.

  • 1st – $2,000
  • 2nd – $1,500
  • 3rd – $1,250
  • 4th – $1,000
  • 5-6th – $750
  • 7-8th – $575
  • 9-12th – $250
  • 13-16th – $150


Want to test your skills against others in MultiVersus? Registration for the European portion is still available, while the 2nd round for NA West & East will be available soon. You can jump in by going through this registration form here. This is an open tournament. This could mean we see some new faces making a an appearance in the game.

MultiVersus is still pretty young. It isn’t yet on the level of Smash with so many dedicated and well-known players. It’s an exciting time to follow the game. We could start to see some impressive talent making their appearances at tournaments like the MultiVersus Fall Showdown.

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