Nayte, Kezix, and Grizi redifine winning in FNCS Season 4

The Fortnite Champion Series is the big competitive event for each Season of Fortnite. For Season 4, the series is a Trios tournament. The bigger team sizes often make for more eventful viewing, with the build fights and skill on offer multiplying. While the FNCS is crowded with talented players, one team has been completely running away with the tournament. Nayte, Kezix, and Grizi have managed to come out on top of two consecutive weeks of the FNCS Season 4. In the most recent week, they did so without actually winning a single game.

The latest Season of Fortnite has a few things that make it different from the past major tournaments. However, it isn’t new items or cars that are dominating the conversation over how games are going. Instead, it’s the way that loot works. Fortnite has removed the mechanic that guaranteed a 100% chance of chest spawn. Now, when you land in a spot you can’t guarantee that there will actually be any chests there. Compared to the previous balance, it makes picking where to drop considerably harder.

So now that the landing phase of the game is more luck based, are the tournaments more unpredictable? At first glance, it feels like more combustible early games would be the result. Nayte, Kezix, and Grizi have shown that really talented players can still get consistency. Despite the added randomness, the trio has dominated two events in a row. So is this just a case of them being so far above the competition for the last two weeks?

Nayte, Kezix, and Grizi Dominate for Two Weeks

Nayte, Kezix, and Grizi’s great performance over the last two weeks of the tournament have been pretty impressive. In the second week of the FNCS Season 4, they managed to play all 12 applicable matches. They didn’t receive a single Battle Royale, however. They made up their points with a high placement and eliminations, managing an average of 7.5 over the course of the matches.

Opening up the number of games played to 12 has made a big difference in these kinds of results. One great game with high elims and a Victory Royale can’t as easily skew your placement for the entire tournament. The results of Nayte, Kezix, and Grizi are a great example of this. They’ve been performing consistently over both weeks. This has allowed them to take a back to back victory and make them a clear team to watch for Fortnite betting in the finals. If they continue this kind of trend, they might be some of the best Fortnite players out there.

FNCS Season 4 Results

The first two weeks of the FNCS Season 4 are only the first half of the event. Although, the teams that are making themselves known this early are definitely standing out as the ones to watch in future weeks. Nayte, Krezix, and Grizi were playing in Europe. These are the results for the North American Regions:

North America East

  1. Zayt, Saf, Stretch
  2. Jumper Bugha, Avery
  3. Knight, RogueShark, Av
  4. Unkown, Casqer, Smqcked
  5. Clix, Illest, Bizzle

North America West

  1. Arkhram, rehx, EpikWhale
  2. Reet, wavvydfavs12, wavys
  3. NorCal Mony, Jayrosez, sym
  4. Kono, Salvo, Dex
  5. Beast, Wheels, Tautai

These teams are full of the usual faces for competitive Fortnite. However, a different approach to loot going on the tournament is proving to be pretty interesting. Keep an eye out for the FNCS Season 4 finals that are coming up to see if these current leaders can take home the winning place.

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