Meet the teams and rosters in OWL 2022 – Overwatch League Free Agency

The Overwatch League is moving into a new season, playing on a new beta for the first time. There are a number of teams who have risen or moved around the power rankings, and playing on the Overwatch 2 beta is sure to complicate things a bit. If you’re looking at Overwatch betting, then the new rosters for teams are going to be important.

There are a lot of OWL 2022 roster changes. An insane amount of movement between teams has taken place, with few teams having anything close to their old squads still there. It’s even been dubbed Rosterpocalypse in some places thanks to the sheer number of changes in the game.

These are all of the major OWL 2022 roster changes to watch out for:

Overwatch League Free Agency

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OWL 2022 Roster Changes

Some teams have held onto a decent number of players, but many teams have made near clean sweeps of these squads. All these shifts are alongside a change in format for the game, leaving a lot of unknowns in where teams stand.

Shanghai Dragons

Shanghai Dragons 2022 Roster

Only one new player has made the roster for Shanghai Dragons this season. They are holding onto a lot of the players that helped them have such an impressive season last time around.

BeBe has been added to the team, but otherwise, the same players have largely stayed with Shanghai.

Dallas Fuel

Dallas Fuel 2022 Roster

Dallas Fuel had quite a lot of movement after the end of the last season. That included Jesce, Pine and Rapel all leaving the roster. They’ve now got ChiYo, Edison and guriyo in their squad instead.

While this is quite a bit of change, the bulk of their core roster from last season has stayed with the team.

Chengdu Hunters

Chengdu Hunters have had quite a bit of turnover in the time since the last season ended. Jimmy and TARCOOK1E left the team in January, and Xingrui “RUI” Wang decided that he will no longer coach Chengdu Hunters.They signed a new assistant coach Jeong-min “Jfeel” Kim who was previously the coach of Shanghai Dragons as well as London Spitfire.

From new signings this year we got Li “Apr1ta” Yuanjinghao. Their remaining squad still contains some pretty long-standing players, like JinMu and Leave.

New York Excelsior


One of the first roster announcments for 2022 xcame from NYXL. The team finally left South Korea and will compete from their home city in 2022. The entire roster took a big re-shuffle. Yim “Flora” Yong-woo is the only player remaining, and was joined by Kellan, Gangnamjin, Myunb0ng and Yaki. The final change New York made came right at last minute.

The organization signed Vulcan at the end of April just before Week 1 launches. These new signings have replaced a lot of losses from the team.

San Francisco Shock

Shock OWL 2022 Roster

Shock has had some changes since the end of the last season, including Super retiring and Coluge joining the team. This comes after some pretty heavy turnover at the end of 2021. Viol2t is currently the only player to have been there for a previous season, with an all-new squad otherwise.  Shock has definitely had some major roster changes, and there’s little left of their back-to-back squad now.

Houston Outlaws

Outlaws OWL 2022 Roster

Houston has seen a lot of turnover since the last season ended. Their squad is currently made up of Pelican Ir1s, Lastro, MER1T, PIGGY, ad Danteh. Only Danteh has been there for a while and PIGGY has been around since 2020. Other than that, this is nearly an entirely new squad. Every other player is yet to play a real game with the team, so Houston Outlaws have a lot of unpredictability going into the season.

Seoul Dynasty

Dynasty OWL 2022 Roster

JJoNak has left Seoul Dynasty so far in 2022, after joining in only October of last year! The team does have some other high-profile players that joined recently though, including smurf, Stalk3r and Vinadaim.  Seoul has had quite a bit of change with the OWL 2022 roster.

LA Gladiators

Gladiators OWL 2022 Roster

There were no changes for Gladiators in 2022, but both Reiner and ANS joined the team towards the end of the previous season though. They also had a few players leaving like birdring who retired and kind of disappeared entirely from Overwatch.

Philadelphia Fusion

Fusion OWL 2022 Roster

It can be easily said that 2021 was quite a difficult year for Fusion, but 2022 might give them different results after signing up one of the best flex support players that the Overwatch competitive scene has to offer, which is Kim “AimGod” Min-seok. Carpe is heading up the team alongside all of these newcomers. They also signed players FiXa, Belosrea, HOTBA, MN3, Zest alongside Fury rejoining. Besides this, Fusion also announced that the team is going to be staying in South Korea.

Atlanta Reign

Atlanta Reign OWL 2022

Atlanta’s OWL roster changes in 2022 include Speedily joining the team, along with the 2021 turnover. Last year, Ir1s, Edison, Masaa and Pelican all left the team. Their roster for this season still includes some long-term players like Gator who has been with the team since 2018. However, a lot of their roster only joined up in 2021. This could mean some unexpected performances from the squad this year and it’s hard to judge how they’ll perform.

Washington Justice

Justice OWL 2022 Roster

Washington Justice hasn’t had any changes take place in 2022. However, they have had a lot of changes after the League ended in 2021. Five of their players have only jumped on board since the end of the season. Although, they’ve managed to hold onto decay and mag who have been with the team for a few seasons. This is going to give a bit more consistency and some familiar faces for fans, but this is mainly a brand new squad.

Toronto Defiant

Defiant OWL 2022 Roster

Toronto Defiant OWL 2022 roster changes have left them with only one player who has been with them in the past. Only Heesu has been around for a while, having joined the team in 2020. The rest of their squad all signed up in the second half of 2021, after the last season ended. Their new squad is made up of Twilight, HOTBA, CH0R0NG, MuZe, Finale and ALTHOUGH. All of these players are new to the team this season.

Paris Eternal

Eternal OWL 2022 Roster

Paris Eternal might not routinely be judged as the biggest team in the league, but they’ve definitely done a better job retaining players this season! The team still has Naga, Daan and Kaan who all joined back in 2020. However, they’ve not been immune to the OWL 2022 roster changes that have gone through so many squads. They have new players like dridro, Glister and Vestola joining this team.

Hangzhou Spark

Spark OWL 2022 Roster

Hangzhou Spark hasn’t had too much turnover here, but they do have a bigger squad than a lot of other teams. They have some new players who joined after the last season ended, Pineapple, AlphaYi, irony, and Superich. However, they also have five players who have been on the team for quite a while. Guxue, architect, Shy, LiGe, and BERNAR are all part of the squad for a while and stuck with the team.

Vancouver Titans

Titans OWL 2022 Roster

Between November 2021 and now, they’ve signed seven new players: Aspire, sHockWave, False, Masaa, Aztac. European Contenders players Robert “Skairipa” Lupsa and Maximilian “Seicoe” Otter that both joined Vancouver Titans early on in the signing period.

Titans are best known for their early wins that turned into the longest losing streak in League history, along with finishing very low in the most recent season. They could be grabbing a new start though given all the OWL 2022 roster changes made.

London Spitfire

Spitfire OWL 2022 Roster

London Spitfire held onto SparkR and Shax, both of whom joined just before the last season started. However, they’ve also added backbone, Hadi, Poko, Admiral, and Landon in recent months. One player stands out among the other new signings to Spitfire.

Landon is a support player who only joined the team at the end of April, so he hasn’t had the most team to get to know the new squad. A big change like this could be great for London Spitfire, but it’s hard to know at the moment which way it’ll go.

Florida Mayhem

Mayhem OWL 2022 Roster

Florida Mayhem’s OWL 2022 roster changes have been pretty expansive, they no longer have a single active player who was a part of their roster before the beginning of the season. This is essentially a brand-new start, so it’s hard to judge where they will be sat in rankings for the new season. The new squad is made up of SirMajed, Checkmate, Adam, SOMEONE, Anamo, Hydron, KariV and Xzi.

Boston Uprising

Uprising OWL 2022 Roster

Boston Uprising has shown some real confidence in their squad from last year, holding on to a decent number of players compared to most They’ve kept Punk, Faith and Valentine who all joined before the last season got underway. Crimzo, Striker, Marve1, MCD, Victoria have all signed to the team since the last season wrapped up. ITSAL only jumped on board at the end of March.

Guangzhou Charge

Charge OWL 2022 Roster

The Guangzhou Charge squad has remained pretty similar throughout the OWL 2022 roster changes. Compared to other teams, they’ve held onto quite a few more players. They’ve had three new players brought in, Develop Unique and Molly. They all joined the team at the end of the last season. ChoiSehwan, Cr0ng, Rio and Eileen all stayed with the team.

LA Valiant

Valiant OWL 2022 Roster

LA Valiant are another team who have come with a full fresh start for the latest season. They have an entirely new squad of players, having signed Diya, Innovation, Becky, ColdEst, Lengsa, Ezhan, SASIN, and haker. This new squad could be an improvement for the team, but we’ll have to see how they can perform in the new season.

Those are all of the major OWL roster changes ahead of the 2022 season. This is a lot more than some fans might have expected, with very few teams holding their older squads into the new year. With such major changes to the format with Overwatch 2 though, big turnover for the game could have been expected. Things look pretty open for the new year of the League, will so many unknown players and squads things really could go any way.

OWL Free Agency 2019

With the Free Agency period officially underway for the Overwatch League off-season, several big name players are searching for their best options as established teams look to make wholesale renovations of their roster. Among the top tier free agents in the class of 2019; Nevix, MekO and Ryujehong are some of the most prominent names looking for greener pastures heading into season three of OWL.

Around the league, Washington Justice, LA Gladiators and Houston Outlaws have jumped out of the gate early already making ambitious moves for both player and coaching staff personnel in order to boost their chances in 2020.

Outlook for Season Three

With the shift into global Overwatch League taking root next competitive season, the upfront cost and new expenses for teams have made this years free agent market more volatile than in years past. Rumblings around the league have led many to suggest that several organizations will be blowing up their roster and overhauling their team with a ‘moneyball’ approach in mind in order to keep costs down.

This change of behavior from teams in comparison to the star hungry actions in free agency last year may lead to an interesting disbursement of talent throughout the league as more teams opt for the Boston Uprising initiative in finding competent players abroad that can fulfill an Overwatch League roll while avoiding paying the cost of a seasoned veteran.

Because of this, players like Ryu “ryujehong” Je-Hong could be out of sorts for an Overwatch League team that is willing to pay him what he’s worth as a multi-year professional within the esport. Over the course of the next few weeks, teams will be ramping up their pursuit for their new look rosters in 2020 as the deadline for season agreements isn’t until November 11.

If the rumors end up being true, we will see the most meteoric shift of players on a wide scale within the league since its inception. Now that the Overwatch league is trying to step into an era of stability, the objective for teams is to conserve, consolidate and execute instead of forcing themselves to a complete overhaul.

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Teams making changes with the Overwatch League Free Agency

Washington Justice

The Washington Justice have cut several ties with their old identity as a team last season, and the new additions they’ve made so far have been a step in the right direction. Justice made no qualms this year by parting ways with their entire coaching staff from a year prior and dropping their former franchise player Janus in the process.

On the rebound, Washington Justice have two major building blocks now with Corey “Corey” Nigra and Gye “rOar” Chang-hoon at the forefront. Both of these players epitomize the new school talent that the Overwatch League had to offer last season and the potent pair these two can potentially make will be a storyline to watch all of 2020.

Dallas Fuel

Dallas Fuel have opted to stick with their long-term head coach once again this offseason as Aaron “Aero” Atkins is eyeing just his second full year in charge of the organization, even though the first year didn’t go exactly as planned. Dallas’ familiar tropes as a troubled organization returned last season as Aero was afflicted by a number of team chemistry issues that plagued their hopes at success in the OWL before it began.

While the roster moves haven’t been made official yet, Dallas Fuel are expected to be one of those rosters that completely implode in an effort to start new. All options are on the table as every member is on the chopping block and Aero has full reign over which direction the team goes in this new chapter of Dallas Fuel history.

Houston Outlaws

The Houston Outlaws haven’t sat around the bush hoping to make new moves this offseason, they have gotten the ball rolling at a blistering pace. After announcing the arrival of Head Coach Harsha Bandi to the team, Houston Outlaws have already started putting together compatible players and answering the problems they never actually fixed last season.

Picking up Harsha from SF Shock and Vancouver Titans stock and also signing Joaõ “Hydration” Telles from the LA Gladiators are definitive starting points that outline the ambitious direction Houston Outlaws are gunning for this offseason. Expect Houston to quickly compound on these moves as they look to clamp down a few more high impact players to round out the squad.

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