Overwatch News

January 3, 2019

Critical Hit: Should hero bans be implemented in Overwatch?

Over the past few days, pro players and analysts such as Taimou and Moetorious have come out publicly in favour of a new way to play Overwatch both competitively andMore
December 26, 2018

Cracking down: can the Overwatch League ‘Discipline Tracker’ actually fix their biggest problems?

Blizzard are revving up their monitoring and disciplining of unsavory player behaviors from their flagship game with a brand new Discipline Tracker. Overwatch has been under the microscope heavily inMore
December 20, 2018

Overwatch League Countdown: Top 5 expansion team players

With the Overwatch League steadily approaching in the New Year, more than a handful of top tier talents are joining the league via Korea, China, Europe and beyond. The stageMore
December 20, 2018

Perfect Balance: Casual vs. Competitive Overwatch in 2019

Overwatch’s meteoric rise since its release in 2016 has led to massive booms and busts in fan interaction since its release. For what it’s worth, the mobilization of players toMore
December 19, 2018
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Soulja Boy wants to build Overwatch and Fortnite esports team

Rapper Soulja Boy has been making bizarre headline after bizarre headline the last few days. First, he launched his own ‘game console’ called Soulja Game – essentially, an emulator thatMore
December 15, 2018

Overwatch League 2019 Primer: new schedule, more teams, better structure

The Overwatch League has announced major changes to the format and playoff structure for the league in Season Two. On their preview show Watchpoint, the broadcast team broke down theMore
December 13, 2018

New skins coming to Overwatch with Winter Wonderland event

Blizzard have decided to put a freeze on their Overwatch player base with a flurry of new skins and holiday themes in this year’s Winter Wonderland event. The event willMore
December 12, 2018

Talkin’ Strategy: How DPS Meta can change the Overwatch League

For casual fans of the Overwatch League, it might be difficult figuring out just why and how some of the best players in the world end up using the teamMore
December 6, 2018

Washington Justice reveal branding, announce four players to roster

After weeks of speculation, Washington D.C. have announced their branding and some of their roster information for their 2019 lineup, including star players and coaches such as Song “Janus” Jun-hwaMore
December 6, 2018

Around the OWL: San Francisco sign Striker, ZachaREEE joins Dallas Fuel

With the Free Agency window close to wrapping up, San Francisco Shock and the Boston Uprising have come to a deal that will see star DPS player Kwon “Striker” Nam-jooMore
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