Rainbow Six European League 2021 Stage 2 – Schedule and Betting Odds

Rainbow Six European League Stage 2 is the next big event in Europe, containing the best EU has to offer in R6. With a ticket to the R6 Major at the end of the season, Stage 2 is shaping up to be an exciting one.

While there are a lot of players competing, there are some team players and stories that you’ll want to watch at this event. Rainbow Six is one of the most popular online shooters, with a really avid esports community. If you’re interested in Rainbow Six betting, then you’ll need to know what to expect at the event.

Rainbow Six European League Schedule June 17

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Rainbow Six European League Stage 2 2021

The European League for Rainbow Six is the premier tier for EU players competing. The overall competitive scene for the game is divided up into regions. While there are individual competitions for European nations, the European League is definitely one of the bigger events for these players. We are just about to kick off Stage 2 of this event, after a tense first stage earlier this year.

This is how the format for the League works:

Games are played at first in a regular Season. This is running from June 17th through to July 25th. Matches are played in a single round-robin league format. Each is best of one, going to overtime in the case of a draw.

That’s the first stage of the R6 European League Stage 2. Following that, the top four teams for the entire league head into the Six major.  The European League has a prize pool of $60,000, but it is that place in the major that really puts teams forward for the year. The next Six Major is going to be taking place in August.

There is only one more stage for this League once this concludes, so for many, this could be something of a last chance to achieve something this year.

R6 Betting on European League Stage 2 

If you’re looking at Rainbow Six betting, then the R6 European League Stage 2 is going to be a great competition to watch. There are a lot of games getting played over the course of the regular season. So, we can expect quite a few chances for a big upset. When looking at betting, make sure you’re on the lookout for esports betting bonuses. Beyond that, you can take a look at some predictions to see how teams might perform over the coming games.

Heading into the tournament, the first batch of games already have a few close matchups. Looking at the odds from bookmakers though, we can make some predictions These are the first batch of games along with who you can expect to see win outright.

Vitality vs Cowana GamingVitality to win@ 1.80
Natus Vincere vs Team SecretNaVi to win@ 1.50
Team Empire vs BDS EsportBDS to win@ 1.65
Virtus.pro vs G2 EsportsVirtus.pro to win@ 2.05
Rogue V TrainHard eSportRogue to win@ 1.65
TOTAL ODDS 15.06 (+1406)

For the entire event’s grand prize, we’d have to look a bit further ahead. G2 Esport, BDS Esport, and Virtus.pro are all teams that stand a good chance. That’s based on their prior performance and the odds you can find for these teams. However, the finals for this event are still quite a bit off, so you can expect a few surprises along the way.

Remember to check back with our Esports News section for weekly R6 betting predictions.

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