Rainbow Six Siege Masters 2019 announced

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the best Cinderella-stories in esports – after a slow start and consequent huge improvement, Rainbow Six amassed a significant following among esports fans and proceeded to really explode onto the esports market. After several successful Rainbow Six Siege tournaments and a world-wide tournament tour that is going to end later this month in Italy with the Rainbow Six Siege Milan Pro League Finals, it’s no surprise that a new batch of competitions has just been announced.

This comes just a month after the US Nationals Rainbow Six 2019 kicked off – the new series is called Six Masters 2019. Although we say new, it actually isn’t – Six Masters premiered in 2018 at PAX Australia, and this year, Ubisoft Australia is once again hosting the event. Twelve teams from Australia and New Zealand will be invited there – first seed will be Orgless, the team that won the Six Oceanic Cup 2019, along with the five other Pro League teams from this season – Fnatic, Mindfreak, Oddity, ex-AVANT and Ex Nihilo.

The remaining six slots will be open and filled via qualifiers – these will be held via ESL GO4 tournaments, in between Sunday, the 12th of May and Sunday the 2nd of June. The top-ranked teams can earn their positions in the tournament bracket! Much like was the case for the Rainbow Six Summer Series and Six Oceanic Cup, these qualifiers will be open to Australian and New Zealand residents that are also age 15 or up!

As for the actual tournament – the twelve teams will be split into two groups that will face off in a round-robin format. Over five weeks, these teams will face each of the others, with Group A competing on Saturdays and Group B competing on Sundays. Once each team has competed against all others in their group, it’s off to the finals – the top four of each group will qualify for the finals which are taking place at the Melbourne Esports Open 2019 on Saturday 31st of August and Sunday 1st of September.


© Ubisoft

Despite Ubisoft having already announced the majority of the details including competing teams, dates and even the location – Finals will be held in Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne – they have not yet announced the prize pool, or the split of said prize pool. With some time yet to go before things take off in late May/June, there is still time for them to take care of this, of course, so for the time being we will just have to wait and bide our time.

If, regardless of the prize pool, you want to attend the event yourself, you can buy tickets on the official website: melbourneesportsopen.com.au. If on the other hand, you prefer to follow along remotely, you can do that too – the entirety of the Six Masters 2019 is being streamed online on the official Rainbow 6 ANZ channels on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, where the hashtag #SM19 is going to be used for the events! And do not miss a chance to bet on Rainbow Six!