Rocket League Predictions for NA Season X Spring | RLCS Betting 9/4

The Rocket League Season X Spring event is warming up for its second regional event. We are now at the halfway mark in the Spring season, and points are becoming a commodity for teams seeking to qualify for the Season X World Finals.

If you’re interested in Rocket League betting, this is a big event to look at, offering 40 potential matches to bet on in just the group stages. RLCS Season X Spring betting market is one of the most exciting for a Rocket League event so far.

RLCS Season x Spring Preview and Predictions

The RLCS Season X Spring Split’s second regional event is starting up on April 9th. 20 teams are divided into four competitive groups, playing a group stage followed by a knock out stage. 16 out of the 20 advance into a double elimination bracket, with half of them advancing into the Playoffs.

First things first, lets take a look at the group stage and the main favorites for winning the entire event.

Pittsburgh Knights Rocket League

© Pittsburgh Knights

RLCS Season X Spring Betting Group Stages

The team stage has grouped some of the bigger teams in the entire tournament together. Every team name we bold out is likely coming out of the group stage. The first group (A) itself has Rogue competing, alongside Spacestaion Gaming and Alpine Exports. All three of these teams placed impressively in the last majors event. Rogue is probably the safe bet in this group, but FaZe are still worth watching out for. The second group (B) isn’t quite as packed, but Version1 and Kansas City are probably safer bets in this section.

Group C of the event is home to G2 Esports, Ghost Gaming, NRG, Pittsburgh Knights, and sup. NRG took home first place at another event this Season. They’re likely the team to keep an eye out for in this event, especially if you’re RLCS Season X Spring betting.

NRG even hold a clear sweep in recent matches at the GRID, holding a 12-0 win record.

Finally, Team Envy are the team standing out in Group D, but this group doesn’t feel as big for the overall event. Susquehanna Soniqs and XSET are looking to earn some points here as well.

RLCS Season X Spring Match Predictions

If you’re looking at RLCS Season X Spring Betting, then the main teams we outlined are the ones we are going for in our bet slips. As with any Rocket League betting though, there are some things to keep in mind. The first is odds. Different bookies are going to be doing different odds. It pays to shop around a little between the sites, and check out any new ones in the Rocket League gambling sites. For our set of predictions we will use odds from GG.BET as a placeholder. Read our GG.BET Review to see if they are the right fit for you.

We’ve made two sets of accumulator betslips for you, based on the markets available. Both are outlined below.

Soniqs vs NefariousSoniqs to win@ 1.35
FaZe Clan vs Alpine EsportsFaZe Clan to win @ 1.35
Pittsburgh Knights vs supPittsburgh Knights to win@ 1.41
eUnited vs NefariouseUnited to win@ 1.35
Rogue vs Scuba SquadRogue to win@ 1.14

The first slip is the lower risk out of the two we have on offer and is here to protect your investment on both betslips as there’s a solid 90% chance you double up on your initial investment. The second one below is to push your winnings by taking a riskier path. You can chose to not place the second bet slip at all and still have good winnings with just one.

Soniqs vs XSETXSET to win@ 1.58
Rogue vs SpaceStationSpaceStation to win@ 1.58
Ghost vs Pittsburgh KnightsPittsburgh Knights to win@ 1.82
XSET vs eUnited 2.77 eUnitedeUnited to win@ 2.77
Charlotte Phoenix vs 72PC72PC to win@ 2.21

Overall, we are looking at great matches and esports betting odds, as Rocket League is shaping up to be an exciting market nowadays. Be sure to watch the matches as they happen too, to see if our Spring Split bets worked out or not!

The Playoffs and Finals

Beyond the initial group stage, we have the Playoffs and Finals that we will cover as the event evolves. In terms of predictions for the entire thing, NRG, Team Envy, and Rogue are definitely the main contenders here. You’ll see this reflect in their odds too. However, a few teams stand a decent chance even if they’re not the favorite. Once the group stage whittles down to the playoffs, we’re likely to only really see the top teams in competition.

FaZe Clan might be a new addition to the game’s League this time around, but they’re not beginners. This is essentially a reskinned The Peeps, having been brought on board a little while ago. The Peeps took home fourth in the Fall and fifth in Winter. So now they’re got a big org behind them, the new Peeps might be able to pull off the full win this time around.

We leave all this theorycrafting for this weekend. Check back with our Esports News section in three days time for an update about the later stages of this event.

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