Rocket League Fall Major 2021 Opening Match predictions

The opening matches at the RLCS Fall Major 2021 are looking stacked. Of the eighteen teams, several are notable powerhouses that fans are eager to watch while others are perhaps teams that only recently debut in the RLCS 11 season.

As is tradition, we dig into the hottest matches on opening day and set our predictions way ahead of time.

Do note that all opening matches will be played simultaneously on December 8. To this end, we only stick to pre-match predictions and outrights ahead of the games kicking-off. If you are interested in Live Betting you should select the one you prefer yourself.

G2 Esports vs Sandrock Gaming

We are starting with the highly-anticipated G2 Esports showcase versus a relatively new Middle Eastern team, Sandrock Gaming. On paper, G2 has the qualifications, achievements, and prodigies in their arsenal. That alone speaks a lot on how the odds will certainly favor G2 in their match against an underdog. Moreover, they are keeping up with The General NRG, which many fans believe is currently in their prime.

Perhaps the more concerning debate is how well will Sandrock Gaming fare up against these North American giants. Well, the good news is Sandrock Gaming is entering the opening match with a winning spree. They won all three regional events in the Middle Eastern & North Africa (MENA) scene, which is certainly a commendable achievement.

Nevertheless, the Esports odds are still in favor of G2 Esports at x1.26 versus Sandrock Gaming at x3.62 returns. We can’t go against the grain here, and G2 is the expected winner in my book.

FaZe Clan vs Team Vitality

Moving onto a more even match-up, FaZe Clan and Team Vitality are certainly no strangers in the RLCS scene. Both are regional favorites in the North America and Europe regions respectively.

However, a poor showing from Team Vitality in the EU regional have made fans sceptical about the former champion’s strength. Frankly, the unexpected rise of Endpoint CeX and SMPR Esports as new challengers in the Fall regional events, indirectly put Team Vitality at a disadvantage.

FaZe Clan, on the other hand, has been in the spotlight among the NA powerhouses since its debut. For a roster that’s barely six months old, they sure put up a fight for the top seeds in the NA regional. Note that FaZe Clan individual player skills are distinctly better, which enable skill shots alongside the synergy among these teammates. Hence, most Esports bookmakers are siding FaZe’s victory, even if the popularity poll says otherwise.

FaZe Clan has an x1.55 odds versus Team Vitality at x2.35 odds.

Endpoint CeX vs Renegades

Potentially a nail-biting series to catch, Endpoint CeX is all over the Rocket League news as a candidate with strong potential. These folks already topped the European regionals with ease, putting many EU powerhouses to shame. Hence, there’s without a doubt that Endpoint has zero concern about their opening match with Renegades. Besides the match, Endpoint has the capabilities to go further into the playoffs, potentially embroidering its name as another EU top dog. Such is the case of other formidable EU rivals, Dignitas and Vitality, which have delivered some of the most glorious Rocket League goal explosions in history.

However, despite the bandwagon behind Endpoint’s glory, the odds aren’t too one-sided. Endpoint is still the favorites at x1.51 odds but Renegades has x2.45 odds. You might try going for a singles bet on Renegades to upset the EU newcomers in their debut.

Team BDS vs Complexity Gaming

For starters, Complexity now rocks the former roster of team True Neutral, a squad notoriously known for its aggressive maneuvers. However, team BDS, being the seasoned squad in the RLCS Fall Major, has polished the art of shutting down aggressive playstyles as their hallmark. We saw them do it against Dignitas and nearly made Endpoint CeX tremble over the thought of losing.

Nevertheless, it would be unforeseeable to not have team BDS make it into playoffs, and the odds on GG.BET favor BDS at x1.45 returns. Whereas Complexity Gaming has x2.63 returns, which isn’t too wide of a gap, due to Complexity’s promising roster.

These predictions are mostly based off past regional match analysis, so it wouldn’t be surprising if there are unexpected outcomes. Cross-regional play is a luxury in Rocket League nowadays, and we hope we are not wrong in our predictions, yet do hope surprises happen. Remember, the RLCS 2021-22 Fall LAN Major is the first LAN in two years since the pandemic halted Esports.

Even among the big players, it’s been a while since they last faced each other head-on. We anticipate a shift in expectations after the opening matches, so check out upcoming Rocket League betting matches.

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