StarCraft IEM Katowice 2021 – Group Stage Results & Playoffs Predictions

StarCraft IEM Katowice 2021 is entering its most exciting stage. The group stage has just concluded, giving us a clear picture of which players are going to be competing over the course of the Playoffs.

IEM Katowice is a big deal for a few different esports, but it is one of the biggest tournaments going for StarCraft. The event has been running since February 20th with the top 36 players competing to see who will take home part of the $250,000 prize pool.

Here’s what shape the Playoffs are taking and what’s gone on so far at StarCraft IEM Katowice 2021:

SC2 IEM Katowice Playoffs 2021 Bracket


StarCraft IEM Katowice 2021 Group Stage Results

The group stage of the event has now concluded, narrowing the playoffs down to a select few. This stage saw four groups of six players compete, with the top ranking player going straight to the quarterfinals and second and third heading into a single elimination Round of 12.

This is how the group stages all turned out for the players:

  • Group A – TY has advanced to the quarterfinals, with Maru and Clem heading into round 12.
  • Group B – Dark finished first. Then Serral and INnoVation are moving forward to the next stage.
  • Group C – Zest will be in the quarterfinals, after Reynor and HeRoMaRinE compete in Round 12.
  • Group D – The last quarterfinalist is Rogue, PartinG and Stats move forward too.

Most of the really big name players achieved the expected results. TY and Maru ended up neck and neck in their group and are both expected to go forward up to semifinals. Dark had the most dominating run of the lot with a 10-0 scoreline. If you’re interested in StarCraft II betting, then these three are your safest bet in a fairly evenly matched Playoffs stage moving forward.

The Playoffs

With the group stage finally finished, we now know the schedule of the playoffs of Starcraft IEM Katowice 2021. This is the next batch of matches for the event:

Round of 12 (Feb 26)

  • Stats V Reynor  – Match 1
  • Maru V HeRoMaRinE – Match 2
  • INnoVation V PatinG  – Match 3
  • Serrl V Clem – Match 4

Quarter Finals (Feb 27)

  • Dark V Winner of Match 1
  • Rogue V Winner of Match 2
  • TY V Winner of Match 3
  • Zest V Winner of Match 4

The semifinals of the event will continue the best of five format, and is due to take place on February 28. This will be directly followed by the grand final of the event, a best of 7 match between the two players to come out on top of this bracket.

IEM Katowice Starcraft Final Stages

Out of the remaining players, there are plenty who stand a great chance of winning it all. TY has progressed smoothly so far, and has a pretty good track record over 2020. Rogue is also one to watch though, having lost only a single game so far and previously winning two IEM Katowice events. Dark hasn’t lost a single round all tournament. Rogue, TY, Maru, Reynor, Serral, Zest and PartinG have all only dropped a single game. Essentially, things are pretty close on this one.

You can safely bet that all matches will go beyond 3 games, making the Total Maps Over 3.5 bet a safe one in every single match all the way through to the Final. Making an accumulator bet with this market in mind will net you a x3.67 return on your investment down at GG.BET. Other providers feature similar odds.

This tournament has narrowed down to the best players in the field. You can catch the remaining action on Twitch over the next few days.

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