Street Fighter 6 Q&A reveals cut Characters and Story

Street Fighter 6 is building towards release with a near constant stream of new details. Usually, that’s new additions like the Street Fighter 6 dynamic controls, it’s not all good news though. Sometimes, it’s content that won’t be coming back.

A recent Street Fighter 6 Q&A has revealed characters cut from the game and more details about how development is going along with the goals of the title.


This Q&A has given a great insight into what we can expect with Street Fighter 6 and what the developers were going for. This is what we’ve learnt:

Street Fighter 6 Q&A

On the promotional tour for Street Fighter 6 we’ve had demos, a fully fledged  SF6 open beta, and most recently an extensive Q&A. This was an interview conducted by Game Informer, with Street Fighter developers Nakayama and Matsumoto. They answered 100 questions in all, but there’s some key takeaways with what we’ve learnt about Street Fighter 6.

Characters Missing from Street Fighter 6

One big bit of news from the change is that some characters are going to be left out of the new release. The developers explained that some characters haven’t made the cut, due to scheduling, cost, or other reasons. One of the biggest mentioned to be missing is Cody. It looks like that character won’t make the game at first. He’s a popular characters and developers mentioned that they did want to include him.

The same interview mentioned that DLC characters will be coming, which could be where cut characters like Cody are introduced. At launch though, Street Fighter 6 won’t have everyone’s main accessible. In terms of more cut content, some mechanics are also getting changed around, like Fight Money. We now know from the Street Fighter 6 Q&A that it’s getting reworked.

Cody SF

Cody in Street Fighter 5

Lessons Learnt from Street Fighter V

One interesting part of the Street Fighter 6 Q&A was lessons learnt form the notoriously poor launch for the preceding title. Specifically, they’ve learnt about making sure the game is accessible and appealing to a range of players at launch. Street Fighter 6 is planned to launch with a much more open experience, with more modes, and even retro games accessible to make sure there is always something to do.

Another major improvement is going to be the netcode, which is always an upgrade. While better online is usually expected, Street Fighter 6 does look like a real improvement over the last title’s launch.


Another big take away from the Street Fighter 6 Q&A was the story or World Tour mode. Arcade Mode will give players a cut down version of the story, with the full journey being in the World Tour mode. Luke is planned to play the major role in the story mode in the place or Ryu, although we’ll see plenty of other characters in this mode too.

Having a more fleshed out mode here looks likely to give players a bit more to play through. A big focus with Street Fighter 6 seems to be making a game that’s fun for a more varied audience, rather than catering to the core crowd and not launching with enough content to keep players busy. Street Fighter 6 looks like it’s avoiding this pitfall. Although, with cut characters from the roster there’s likely always going to be a few disappointed players.