TI10 Main Event Predictions – It’s anybody’s game with this bracket

The Main Event at TI10 is underway. There weren’t any key teams eliminated in Groups, and the current bracket is looking fearsome. Two South American teams bit the dust, and thanks to upsets across the group stage, we see some prominent teams down in the lower bracket.

In the lower elimination bracket’s first round we parted ways with two Chinese and two teams from the Americas. On day two another two are up on the chopping block. We will update this piece with our daily Main Event predictions as the event comes along.

Dota2 TI Main Event

Champions past, passing the Aegis at the opening ceremony

Setting the scene

The International this year is one of the least top heavy events we have seen in years. There were plenty of memorable scenes and plays in the Group Stage this year. While Chinese teams continue a trend of slight dominance, nobody is extremely favored in terms of odds for TI10.

One of the most defining moments in group stage, was Team Undying managing to snatch a game off North American powerhouse, Evil Geniuses. It did much more damage for EG as they were one match point away from forcing a three-way tiebreaker. Team OG and T1, who were anticipating EG for a gruesome tiebreaker, couldn’t be more grateful for Undying’s massive win. With EG (and Undying) not having enough points, they settled for a lower bracket slot.

Speaking on Undying, an unexpected beef occurred when Jonáš “SabeRLight-” Volek dissed the entire Southeast Asia (SEA) pro scene. The series of events that occurred after, was fortunately off to a happy ending. As T1 defeated Undying, and Undying defeated EG to save T1 from the tiebreaker scenario.

PSG.LGD and Invictus Gaming ended up top seeds with consistent play, but hardly anything mind breaking. Since both took major championship titles during the Dota Pro Circuit 2021 (DPC 2021) we didn’t expect anything less. But in overall strength, they don’t that far ahead of everyone else. Both Team Secret and Virtus.pro follow close behind on the scoreboard and in overall performance.

With a somewhat predictable Group Stage now behind us, lets make our predictions for the TI10 playoffs phase.

Ti10 Main Event Predictions


This one’s a no-brainer. PSG.LGD has dominated their group flawlessly, and you can bet that they are everyone’s favorites. They are hailed as the strongest team to date, yet we see time-to-time again that underdogs prevail.

Take Team Spirit vs Invictus Gaming yesterday, where TS had us in the first half of the series. Although IG did eventually flip the series back with a 2-1 victory, they certainly didn’t feel great for losing the first game. Anyways, the gist of it is T1, for what they are worth, could give PSG.LGD a run for their money. They have their moments throughout group stage, and we just might see their extravagant playstyle shine.

Odds-wise, it’s x1.18 odds for PSG.LGD to win versus T1 at x4.86 odds. Outright betting is not worth the investment unless you are interested in tying this match up into an accumulator slip.

Virtus.pro vs Vici Gaming

The next upper bracket match for Day 2 is just as exciting. For one, this is unlike the above match-up, where the power gap is day and night. Instead, Vici Gaming despite securing third-place, has a decent shot at upsetting VP today.

VP has had an incredible showing, where they defeated notable teams such as EG and Alliance. However, there are times when VP just loses their form and that’s not a good sign of consistency. They are up against VG, which many regarded as a formidable Chinese powerhouse, besides IG and PSG.LGD.

Anyways, the Dota 2 odds are in favor of VP to win at x1.59 against VG at x2.36 returns.

Team Spirit vs Fnatic

Team Spirit had a close run against IG yesterday. It’s a shame that they fell into lower bracket, but we doubt they would care if they were strong enough.

For starters, Team Spirit is heading into this series as the favorites. After their comeback versus IG in game 1 yesterday, we were reminded of TS being one of the top twelve Dota Pro Circuit 2021 teams.

Whereas Fnatic after surviving their elimination match, looked incredible as well. We saw how Djardel Jicko B. “DJ” Mampusti plays unreservedly when their line-up can be aggressive. It will be a fistfight between two aggressive candidates, so we can anticipate a bloodbath.

TS still holds the better odds at x1.55, perhaps due to their upper bracket status asserting their reputation. Which makes Fnatic the underdog going up against TS at x2.45 odds. Nevertheless, we have faith in Fnatic’s unorthodox drafting, which may give TS a rough time dealing with these SEA talents.

Team OG vs Quincy Crew

OG, the defending champions are playing for tournament life once again. The last time OG had an upper bracket loss, followed by a lower bracket loss, dated way back to the International 6 and 7. Hence, the lose-condition is there for OG, if history repeats itself.

Jokes aside, OG’s loss versus Team Secret looked sloppy, notably Sébastien “Ceb” Debs and Topias Miikka “Topson” Taavitsainen. In both games, the weight was all on Syed Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan to prolong the game. Will we see a similar occurrence Quincy Crew?

Well, we just might if Topson on his mid role doesn’t play out for OG again. Of course, with OG’s fame and glory at Ti10, they have the better odds at x1.22 versus Quincy Crew at x4.28 returns.

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Day 1 Predictions

Team Secret vs OG

Ti10 kicks off playoffs Day 1 with a highly-anticipated clash between European giants. Team Secret vs OG meet in the first upper bracket series to debut their Ti10 main event. In terms of scoreboard standing, Secret does have the upper hand at second spot, while OG secured third in their respective groups.

Keeping that in mind, both teams shared the occasional blunders, so it’s difficult to claim that any side is better. After all, OG and Secret also tied their series against the top seeds, Invictus Gaming and PSG.LGD respectively. Anyways, the Dota 2 odds seem to favor OG at x1.6 versus Secret at x2.27 returns. Perhaps Team Secret’s losses against Fnatic and beastcoast ruined their dominance level after all.

We will have to go with OG supremacy for this one. SumaiL seems like the player to watch in this series, as he is being instrumental to OG’s success thus far. If you go into live betting, do not be afraid of OG being down five figure amounts. They have swayed massive gold leads in seven matches thus far.

An OG victory after a grueling seems highly likely.

Team Undying vs Fnatic

Both teams made it into Ti10 through the regional Ti10 qualifiers, and both are considered underdogs. Unfortunately, this is where we say goodbye to one of them, but we do have some biases towards Fnatic. For good measures, Fnatic seems to still have moves up their sleeve as they have proven to be vicious powerhouse killers, given the opportunity. We saw how Fnatic disrupted Team Secret’s flawless gameplay with unexpectedly aggressive initiations that caught Ludwig “zai” Wåhlberg off-guard.

Team Undying, on the other hand, has a moment of glory and a bandwagon after drawing the series versus EG. Anyways, the odds favor Undying at x1.75 versus Fnatic at x2.03, and we have a good opportunity to double up in this series.

Quincy Crew vs Team Aster

The other Chinese candidate in the lower bracket alongside Elephant is Team Aster. It’s rather unfortunate that Aster had to deal with Covid19 affecting their players. However, they still managed to play on, saving themselves from the absolute disaster of having a stand-in.

Quincy Crew may not look promising after losing multiple games, but it’s important to note that these losses are from Secret, PSG.LGD, Team Spirit and Vici Gaming. Against Team Aster, which still had players recovering from Covid19 they might have had a chance, but if the team is back at full strength come playoffs, it feels very much like a wash.

Team Aster holds as the odds favorite at GG.BET at x1.69 against Quincy Crew at x2.11 odds. You can also get the GG.BET TI10 Compendium Bonus going with this series.

Evil Geniuses vs Elephant

To conclude the opening day, it’s going to be either EG or Elephant heading back to the airport early. Everyone says EG was clowning during the group stage to save cheese strats, but it seems they were really struggling to make end’s meet. With only three clean wins out of eight, EG will certainly be counting their lucky stars if they win this elimination match.

Elephant on the other hand, has been underwhelming. Considering how much hype their line-up built during their debut, their performance was far from satisfying. At eight-place in their group, and losing crucial games, they may end up cleaned out in a short match.

Reflecting back to Elephant’s match versus PSG.LGD, they were relatively close to winning Game 1, but somehow let 15K lead slip from their hands. EG might be looking at a free ticket to proceed further into Ti10 lower bracket. Odds-wise, EG is anticipated to win at x1.5 versus Elephant at x2.51 odds.

By the end of Round 1, we will be down to twelve teams, where the prize pool distribution gets more rewarding. With the variety of matches we have here, it’s the ideal time to bet on the International.

Some interesting matches and even more interesting betting markets are available at TI10 in the Main Event. Look for more than just your outright selections to maximize your winnings this week. Remember to check with our Esports News, for an updated list of predictions on the day every day.